Highway 141 North Scenic Byway Colorado

Wednesday August 16, 2017 Grand Junction Colorado

Highway 141 Scenic byway below Grand Junction Colorado

We broke camp around ten this morning and headed up this road highway 141, a scenic byway. road1


Bear cub

On  the way we saw another small bear getting into some garbage by a roadside rest area, but it moved away too fast to get any photos of it. It looked like it might have been a cub out on it’s own.

Lots of red rock

It wasn’t long before the road turned real scenic.road2


The pictures don’t do this scenic road justice.rod3


We traveled a couple hours on this type of road with all the red rock.road3


Very scenic

This was one of the most scenic roads I’ve ever been on and it ranks up there with the best.road4


Eventually it opened into this valley and was still real scenic.road5


Stopped for a break

We stopped at this roadside rest stop for a break for about a half hour.road6


We continued on up this valley just below Grand Junction.road7


Grand Junction

We stopped at Grand Junction for gas and to do some shopping. The guys had lunch there too and I posted yesterdays blog while they ate.

Some freeway driving

We got back on the road which was now a freeway, 70 East which we took for about fifty miles before turning off it to a secondary road.road9


Finding a camp for the night

I think we were on highway 13 heading north when Marty turned onto this road looking for a campsite for the night around 4 PM.roadcamp


We didn’t have to go far when we found this spot up in the hills for the night.camp


Low bugs

We settled in here. Seems like a good spot. Low bugs and peaceful. We were beat from driving so we sat around a lot until we rested up and got dinner going.

Nice spot and nice day.

Posted from Montpelier Idaho

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