Heading Towards Home and Finding a Camp Spot On Marysville Rd.

Friday, Saturday, October 20 and 21 2022  Headed for home near Downieville CA.


When I peeked out the van’s side window at sunup, this is what the creek looked like where the beaver had the water dammed up.creek2


It was too chilly and early to get up, so back in bed for another hour.

This is the camp spot by Last Chance Creek.camp1


It was chilly there so we got on the road earlier than we usually do. This road we took had some serious wash board and give the van’s a good shake up.raod3


Most of the trees in this area are dead from a recent forest fire.trees4


We dropped down out of the forest into this big meadow area and almost off the washboard and onto pavement.valley5


Pavement starts here

The sign said pavement ends here which for us meant the wash board stops and the pavement begins.

We stopped here for a break and to make plans where to look for a camp spot on the way towards home. We’d need to find a camp spot for tonight as we didn’t want to travel home today as it would be a long drive.vans6


Big cracks

It turned out the pavement was almost as bad as the washboard as the pavement had these big cracks across the road all the way until we chanced roads.road7


Eventually we got on highway 49 which was a good highway with very little traffic on it. We could travel our preferred slower speed and not have a a bunch of cars pushing you down the road.road8



Marty was getting low on gas for his heater so we stopped to see if he could find any small tanks here. No luck. We’ve moved down in elevation so it should be warmer tonight.downieville


We got back on the road and continued on down 49, turning off at Marysville road where we hoped to find a decent camp spot for the night.

Finding a camp spot

We’d just crossed the New Bullard’s Bar Reservoir dam when I saw a spot to pull over to on the side of the road to let a truck pass that had been following us. Since we were stopped I said let’s take a break for a bit and got out our chairs. While sitting there I noticed a small dirt road taking off from this pull over spot and said to Marty,  I need to check out that little road there as it looks promising for a camp spot.

Eventually I got out of my chair and walked down that road and found it good enough for tonight’s camp spot.

We pulled on into the dead-end road and made camp for the night.


Tomorrow we have four hours or so driving to make it on home.

Nice day.

October 21, Going Home

We woke here this morning and slowly got it going for the day as we only had around 5 hours to drive to get home.camp


We stopped here for a break in a wild bird refuge for a much needed break before doing the last leg home.vans


Not too far from home traffic came to a complete stop and it was stop and go for a few miles. Turned out they were putting in new guard rails and really screwing up the traffic on a Saturday. There was also a lot of traffic so from now on, no traveling home on a Saturday, only Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Leaving on a Sunday is good as most people are headed for home which opens the way when going from home.

Yucky backed up traffic from road work.cars


We made it home ok. I started to unload some of the stuff I needed in the house and then took it easy.

Nice day, Nice trip.

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4 Responses to Heading Towards Home and Finding a Camp Spot On Marysville Rd.

  1. Gaelyn says:

    Been a wonderful journey to places as yet unseen. Though I wouldn’t take my set up on most of those roads. Welcome home.

  2. Nancy K says:

    Such pretty country. I always stay parked on Fridays and Saturdays. Sunday isn’t bad usually, but weekdays are best. That was a great trip you took us on!!

  3. Deb says:

    What a wonderful trip. Some very nice views. I love the campsites, quiet and peaceful. Welcome home.

  4. Barb in Florida says:

    Glad you are home safe and sound. Thanks for taking us along.
    I had no idea you could go so far on unpaved roads.

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