Locating My Pulaski and Doing Some Trail Work In the Woods

Saturday October 22, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Finding my Pulaski

I needed my Pulaski to do some trail work. I wasn’t sure exactly where I left it, but I remembered I put it under a big tree at the end of a trail I was working on.

I hopped on the quad runner to go find it, but stopped here to do some work on the drainage ditch that goes across the road. Just needed to add some little rocks to control the water when it rains.quad1


Then I continued up the road to go find the Pulaski.road2


Trail walk

It was a good walk out the trail to find the Pulaski as it was at the end of the trail, about a half a mile or so.trail3


The trail goes through here and I’m about half way there.trail4


Big tree

I looked around for a big tree when I got near the end of the trail and decided that big one there was likely the one where I stashed the Pulaski the last time I worked on this trail.tree5



I found it there under the big tree. Some critter must be living under the tree as there was fresh dirt on the Pulaski.tool6


I packed the Pulaski back to the Quad and rode on up to the other spot I need to use the Pulaski to repair a trail.

The forest view on the way to the other spot where I need to do some work.view7


Work site

I parked here where I needed to widen the ditch crossing the road here so I can get the quad through this spot and up the old road.quad8



The rocked crossing is  just too narrow even for a dirt bike so I needed to widen it to get the quad runner through it.rocks9


I worked about three hours on this project and it looked pretty good, but when I tried to cross with the quad, it was still a little too narrow, so I’ll have to work on widening it out some more later.trail9


Another bad spot

I rode on up past the crossing to this slide that I’ll also have to make a trail through eventually. It looks like a lot of work to me, er, I mean exercise.slike10


Break at the spring

After that I headed back down the hill stopping at our spring to get a drink of water and to use one of the chairs to sit and just take a break and enjoy the forest for a bit.spring11


Windy day

This small tree wasn’t down on the way up the hill today. It’s been real windy today, but still very pleasant. I got it out of the way so I could pass on by.stick12


Bridge work

I stopped here to do some work on the bridge. I’d filled the bucket on the front of the quad with rocks while up in the hills.quad12


I brought some rock down to fill up this spot at the end of the bridge.fixit13


I installed the rock,  much better.rocked14


Nice day.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    You do get exercised on those trails.

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