I Catch Ray and We Hike to Swamp Rock and I Work On the Well Pump and the Old Ford Tractor

Tuesday April 19, 2016 Jenner CA.

It’s a nice day for a paddle

I saw Ray’s truck in the parking lot at  Jenner this morning as I put my boat in the water. It looked to be a good day with low wind and some clouds in the sky.

I paddled across to Penny Island. I thought I saw Ray way down at the end of the island heading for the back channel, so I kept going to see if I could catch up with him.river


I could hear the ocean waves pounding on the sandy beaches as I paddled along. I could see some big waves breaking over the sand as I looked down that way.mouth


I catch up to Ray

I rounded the bottom end of Penny Island and found Ray in his boat here, just starting up the back channel.ray


I joined him and  we continued up the back channel headed up river.
Some ravens were making a lot of noise on the island as we passed.ravens


We paddle up the river only a short distance to the old redwood log graveyard and sat for some time enjoying the day.

We land here for a hike to Swamp Rock

Ray said he wanted to go for a little walk, so we headed back down the river and went ashore here at the Swamp Rock trailhead. We secured our boats to make sure they would be there when we returned.shareboats


We walked down along the shoreline as far as we could.walk


And then climbed up the bank to this spot where there was a trail to the swamp rock.rock


The Swamp Rock is on that hill there, just above center and that’s where we were headed through the swamp grass.rock2


Here’s Ray hunting for the trail through the swamp grasses. It’s a good thing we don’t have any real bad critter types around here to watch out for, just poison oak.grass


We had to detour around the water in the swamp

We were hoping the swamp was drained of water so we could get to the rock, but we found there was still some water in the swamp, so we had to detour around a bit.swamp


I was ahead of Ray just a bit and had to wait for him some. He was a bit slower as he had his short pants on and there were some nettles he had to watch out for. There’s also a bunch of poison oak just about everywhere in this area, so much it can’t be avoided, but we don’t catch the stuff, lucky us. The trail isn’t obvious and one has to know where it is to get anywhere in this area. See Ray in the brush there?trees


Made it to the rock

We made it up to the rock. There’s a real good place to sit just in front of the rock so we sat for a good while just taking it easy. This was the view from the rock looking over towards the town of Jenner. You can see the swamp water we had to go around down there too.jenner2


Eventually we headed back towards the river and this was our view just before we got back to our boats, looking over to the town of Jenner.jenner


From there we slowly worked our way back to the Jenner boat ramp and took our boats out of the water and went on home for the day.

Planning for parts to hook up the old well

I had a little nap, then went over to the old well site and did some planning on what parts I would need to finish hooking the pump back up.

And continuing the work on the old tractor new 12 volt system

After that, I went back to my yard and worked on installing the new wiring harness in the my brother’s old Ford tractor. I also installed a new 12 volt starter.

Tom has another problem

While I was working on that, my brother Tom comes by and says he has another problem. Seems he can’t get the old drain pipe out of an old sink he was working on. We tried to get it apart with wrenches but it just wouldn’t come apart, so I suggested we use my portable power hack saw on it which made quick work of it and that was done.

I continued working on the old tractor and got most of it done. We need a new 12 volt battery now and I just have to install the electronic part that replaces the points in the distributor and it should be done.

That was pretty much my day.

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