An Itchy Day and Some Shopping But Too Itchy to Do Much

Wednesday April 20. 2016 Guerneville CA.

An itchy day

Today I woke up feeling more tired than when I went to bed. Its because I took one of those antihistamines that make you feel real tired out, more than the normal ones do.

I took one at eleven PM and it was still making me feel real tired until about three PM today so I think I will go back to my regular Benadryl type antihistamines along with my 24 hour Zyrtec ones.

My itches have been pretty bad today too, so I decided to not go kayaking today and decided to go do some shopping instead. I think all the itching lately is mostly from healing as things are very slowly getting  better. I smear moisturizer on everything when it gets bad enough. Getting the middle of my back has been the hardest part. Trying to get in the middle with the goop has caused me to push my arms farther than they like to go and it can hurt my shoulders too.

Getting smart

I finally got smart and found a soft old tooth brush that I now use to move some moisturizer into the middle, which helps a lot.


First off was get a new 12 volt battery for my brother’s tractor I’m working on to replace the 6 volt one that was in there. Finding the right size that would fit in the tractor wasn’t’ easy and I had to make do so now I will have to make stuff to mount it in the tractor.

I then went to Wally’s to get some more goop for my burn rashes and then I went to a big hardware store to get plumbing and electrical stuff to finish hooking up my brother’s well pump.

On the way home I stopped at whole foods and bought three whole chickens and I have one of them on the grill now, cooking away.

To itchy to do much

When I got home I itched pretty bad so couldn’t get much going, but I finally got out and tried the new battery in the tractor to see if it would fit and what I needed to do to make mounts to hold the battery in it’s place. It looks like it will work. All I have to do is make some stuff to hold the battery down, but not today.

By that time, the day was mostly gone so I went in the house and that was my day.

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2 Responses to An Itchy Day and Some Shopping But Too Itchy to Do Much

  1. Bob says:

    I thought it might keep drizzling so I left early today, but I also heard about the whales here.
    You never know what you might see at Jenner. :O)

  2. Hi Bob, we drove up the road from River’s End and stopped at the turn off to talk with Ranger Ellen. She was watching a couple of Gray Whales, mom’s with their calves, frolic at the mouth of the river. It was amazing!

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