Improving My Wi-Fi at the Chicken Coop and Working On the Toyota’s Brake Project

Saturday January 26, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Cool and not a day to want to do stuff

It was cool out today as I got it going so when I went outside I wasn’t into doing too much except sitting around.

I did feed the chickens and then let them out to graze while I sat around looking for that sun that never did show up.

Need to improve my Wi-Fi

I puttered around and had a look at my wireless stuff and decided I might as well get some network cable and fix things up by running a cable out to the chicken coop. I stepped off the distance from  my computer to the chicken coop. I figure 175 feet should do it.

I got on the computer and ordered some up from Amazon.

Today’s main goal

My main goal today was to get some work done on my brake repair job on the Toyota. But it was in a cool damp spot so I had a hard time getting started on it.

Around 3 I finally got to it and was making progress when my  hand vacuum pump came apart. I tried to repair it but it just kept coming apart.

Remembered my electric vacuum pump

I remembered that I have a vacuum pump. Doesn’t everyone have one of these things like me. Maybe I’m just weird but a vacuum pump is a neat toy.

That didn’t work out

The only problem is I haven’t used it since some time in the 1990’s. I hooked it up and turned it on. It had a hard time starting but finally got going.

The only thing was it wouldn’t pull a vacuum.

Water in the oil

After a bit I pulled the oil drain and drained the pump oil and what I got first was rusty water which wasn’t a good sign. I have more vacuum oil so I drained things out and refilled the pump with new oil.

Here’s the vacuum pump getting some new blood.pump



I turned it on and was disappointed it still didn’t work. I wasn’t into taking it apart further at this time as I wanted to get some brake work done.

Adjusting the brakes

Since I’d bleed the brakes some I needed to continue adjusting the shoes manually so I worked on that to see if I could get some brake pedal. I worked on that until after dark and stopped at 7.

The way they made things it was real hard to get the brake adjusters to turn as there wasn’t much room to get the adjuster tool into the spot it had to get into. The brake adjuster tool was just too big so I got a very small wrench about a one quarter inch one and used it as a pry bar to turn the brake adjuster. It worked a bit better than the brake adjusting tool but was still difficult that’s why I didn’t get done until 7 PM.

Brakes are looking good

When I checked the brake pedal I had some brakes without pumping the pedal so things are looking  up. No spongy brakes either.  I have enough brakes now to get the tires back on so I can move it and then I need to see what I can do to repair the muffler a bit.

That was my day and good go get that part of the brakes done.

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  1. George Yates says:

    Nice to get a few of those things done, getting the brakes fixed is a real good thing too.

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