Installing Fence For the Chickens Grazing Pen

Monday November 12, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Up with the fence

Today was to be a fence building day. I’m building a chicken grazing pen and am ready for the fence posts and fence wire to go up. The grazing pen is just an enclosed area that I can let the chickens in to eat the weeds and things that grow there. I will water the area to help things grow faster so there’s more for the chickens to eat.

I’ll start here at the new gate and go down along the driveway.gate


I’m putting in steel fence posts along here. First I have to line them up.fence


The fence comes down along the driveway and makes a turn back behind the bamboo. I’m lining up the fence posts making sure, I hope, not to drive any of them into any water lines which go through this area.well


The fence goes down along here where I cut the trees out yesterday. This is the end I’ll start running the fence wire from.woodpile


Cutting fence wire and putting it up

I’ve got a piece of fence wire up and am measuring and cutting another piece which is on the ground on the right.fenceup


Here is the wire I’m putting up from another angle.rollout


About this time my brother Tom came by to cut up some logs he had stored in my yard. He then split them up.tom


I wired the fence wire to the steel posts and got this much up before I ran out of fence wire.up


Ran out of wire

I made it to the driveway with the fence wire and will have to get some more wire to finish this up. I need some hinges for a walk through gate too so I’ll need to make a trip to town soon.wireup


Fence posts ready to go

At least all the fence posts are up so there isn’t much left to do, although I want to make some spots in the fence to get the tractor in there if I need to.

That was enough work for one day and besides it was almost dark so I quit for the day.

Nice productive day.

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