Cutting Trees Clearing the Fence Line

Sunday November 11, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Knocking some trees down

Today I wanted to get a couple trees cut down and cut up for firewood.

I got the saw out and gassed it up and put bar oil in it.

I tried it on a tree cutting it down, but the saw was real dull. I sharpened up the chain and cut the other tree down.trees


All picked up

I got the wood all cut up and stacked and the brush moved to the brush pile.wood


I put most of the brush in the brush pile back by the bamboo, hoping it will be out of the way of things.brush


Leveling out the fence line

The new fence has to sit level on the ground so I moved some of this rock out of the way as the fence is going right through here.rock


Kickball got me

This is an older brush pile that’s in the wrong place. I decided to take the chain saw and make cuts into the pile to cause it to fall in on itself. mulch


I made about a dozen cuts down into the pile when my saw came to a stop. I checked the saw out and spotted some plastic fiber jamming up the saw sprocket so worked on pulling that out a bit. Seems I cut into an old kickball that was in the brush pile. Since I didn’t know where the kickball was in the pile I decided not to cut anymore of it up until I find the old ball so I stopped there on this job.

Watering the weeds

Once I had all the work done I turned on the water to water the grass.water


Fence posts

I spent some time rounding up old fence posts around the yard and laying them out. I think I  have enough posts to do the job with maybe using a couple old metal water pipes too that have been leaning against the garage for years. It’s always  nice to use up old stuff that’s been sitting around for years waiting to be used.

And by this time the day was almost over and cooling down so I quit for the day.


Nice day except for the big leg cramps I’m experiencing now. :O) Ouch.

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