Installing the Van’s Console, Some Electrical Work and Taking It Easy

Monday September 19, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Just need to get the console installed today

I got another late start today and got going around noon. My plan was to install the wooden console in the van which just meant screwing a bunch of screws in as I had constructed it using screws so it would come apart easily and it did.

So now the screws make it fairly easy to put back together. It took an hour or so and a nap in there too to get it done.

The console is all back in and the van is ready to roll.console


Some electrical work

I was thinking I would drive it up the hill again and park somewhere, but I said I’d help my brother Tom with some electrical stuff in one of his houses next door.

So after a nap, I went over to his house and found him to see about the electrical. He didn’t seem too enthusiastic to do it, nor was I , but it needed to get done as I wasn’t sure how long I was going to hang around before I hope to be off on a trip if all goes well.

So, anyway, we got the tools and supplies together and went over and did it.

Out of wind for the day

After that, I didn’t have much wind left in my sail, so I couldn’t get it going to get stuff together to camp up on the hill. Instead I just moved from chair to chair in my yard enjoying the evening and thinking about things.

Tomorrow I hope to kayak and then take the van up on the hill for an overnight camp.

That was my day.

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