Working In the Yard Today

Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012, Guerneville, CA.

Fixed the garage door and got all those nails out of the boards and more.

I’ve been meaning on fixing the side garage door for a couple years now. But it hadn’t fallen down yet, so there wasn’t much of a rush on this project, but now, the door was just hanging. It had pulled couple wall boards off from the weight of the door. It just needed to be jacked up a bit and three inch screws installed to fix the droop. That took about an hour and came out fairly well, good enough to move on to the next project, which was taking all the old nails out of the planter boxes I took apart the other day. That was a little harder on my back then the garage door fix, but I got it done. Now, what to do with all those boards? For now, I just stacked them where they were until I figure that one out.

Waiting around all day for the UPS man.

I stayed home today, because I was expecting a UPS shipment. A now propane tank for under the van and a new propane heater for the inside. I prepped the van a little for this installation, but until I got the stuff I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to mount the stuff.

While waiting for the UPS delivery, I tried digging one of my plum trees up that I plant to move soon, just to see how it would go, as far as digging. The digging went hard, but I got it out. I have about ten trees to dig out for this project, so I better space this digging stuff out a bit to save the back.

I was egger for that UPS truck to come and of course he didn’t show up until seven PM, so I had to try the new propane tank under the van in the dark. It looks like it will fit better than I thought it would, which is always a good thing. Of course, putting this new tank in means I also have to redo all my propane pipe feeds to the inside of the van, so more figuring out to do.

I also got a Wave3 propane heater in the shipment that looks real good. Now, where am I going to mount that inside the van? I guess I figure out something. There isn’t much room to do heat things in a little van, but when you need heat, you need it, so I’ll figure something out eventually. :O)

I have this stuff to play with while I wait for my new injection system to arrive in a couple weeks. Lots to do to make a little van nice and comfy.

All this work, I didn’t’ make it kayaking today, but it was a nice day in my yard.

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