Van Work, Mulching Raspberry Plants and Chair Hopping

Sunday January 26, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Working on the old van

The sun was out as I went outside this morning. It wasn’t overcast for a change. The rain had stopped sometime early this morning.
A good chair hopping day so that’s how it started out.

Heater project

But I needed to continue working on the old van’s heater project so I finally got started on it.

Console installation

I started by getting the center console started on it’s way back in. It’s like a puzzle and only goes in just so so and is put together with screws.

I just got started putting it in in this photo.console


It’ just needs the top now.console2


The top’s on the console and it’s ready to go.console3


Heater hose hook up

Next after a break I hooked the heater hoses up to the  heater pipes. The heater pipes go through the van’s floor and there is a big hole there for rodents to get through so I needed to do something about that.hole


Rodent proofing

I got that little piece of green metal out and some


And fabricated this metal guard I can screw to the floor to keep the rodents out of the van, using all these tools.part



I drilled holes and screwed the new metal guard to the floor and that should do the job.sealed


A couple hours before dark I let the chickens out into the front yard to graze.chickens


Mulching the raspberry plants

Once the sun went behind the hills I stopped working on the van and did some chair hopping when I decided to move some more woodchips to the raspberry patch across the yard. I loaded up the wheelbarrow with some help.mulchpile


And moved 4 loads of chips to the berry patch here. I also turned some of the dirt over in the patch so the woodchips might mix in better.patch


Ended the day chair hopping

After moving the woodchips I was done for the day and did a bit of chair hopping in the evening until the day started cooling down and went inside for the day.

Nice day getting some much needed van work done. Nice to have the sun out all day too.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Okay Bob. The way you and the chickens are working around there, I’m ALMOST feeling lazy for just sitting around reading. Not quite though. :)

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