Is it Really Winter on the Russian River?

Saturday, Nov. 24, 2012, Jenner, CA.

More van work, and some kayaking too.

I got up late, ten AM, but it was still too early. I needed to cut out and weld a bracket for the van fuel pump relay, but the sun wasn’t high enough in the sky to shine where I needed to work at about ten thirty in the morning. The problem, my welding helmet would fog up every time I put it on and that makes it hard to see where you want to weld. I fiddled and messed with it, missing the spot more than once, but finally got enough weld on it to hold. By this time the sun was coming out around the big redwood tree, so I could put some paint on the new bracket. Painting is the easy part. I just slap some paint on the part with a spray can and don’t’ worry too much about a few runs. This stuff isn’t for show, it’s all about go and show doesn’t make things go. I’ve always been more of a believer in go, than show. :O)

The two brackets I’ve made, the throttle cable one at the top and the relay one I just made at the bottom of the picture below. The thing under the board is a track chain from our bulldozer, just in case you were wondering, the tracks are bolted to it to make a track.



kayaking Jenner

I got something to eat around two and went down to Jenner. The weather report said calm, very little wind and sunny.

I left for Jenner around two PM and when I got there the parking lot was fairly packed. Elaine and Raymond were just leaving after kayaking, so after saying hi to them, they turned over their parking space to me and I put in. I paddled over to the island for a bit and headed up river about a half mile or so. The sun was sinking fairly fast in the sky, so I headed back down the river to stay in the bright sun as the heat felt real good. I paddled slowly down the backside of the island toward the mouth of the river.

Looking back up the river from the mouth, it looked like this today. Flat, almost no wind and sunny too.



There were a lot of birds out today. Below is a shot of a brown pelican, near the mouth of the river.



Since I didn’t start too early today, I was able to stay around for the sun to set. Below, the sun is just setting over the river mouth jetty, as you can see the ocean waves breaking on it. The ocean was rough, but not the river.


Once the sun goes down in the winter, the air cools fairly fast, so I was off the water shortly after the last photo, headed for my nice warm wood stove fire at home.

Another nice day on the river.

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