More Shopping for Parts for the Injector Project

Monday, Nov. 26, 2012, Guerneville, CA.

I’m willing to hit the stores now that black Friday is over.

I’m glad Black Friday is over and I am now willing to shop. Waiting around for it to be over gave me some more time to think about how to do some of the things I need to accomplish to get this thing installed.

The air cleaner is my last big thing to figure out. I was able to get some parts for it, but I didn’t get them all as things are real tight to fit that in and I haven’t got it all figured out yet. Getting some parts will hopefully lead me to the rest of the way it has to be done. I got enough to install so I could measure and see what will fit and what I have to fabricate or adjust in the parts I can get.

It’s looking pretty good, looks like I need some spacers and things to make it work. I wish I had picked up a spacer while over there, but that’s why I got the parts I did to see things more clearly. Might even need two spacers.

I also got a lot of brass fittings to hook up the fuel lines and got all the steel brake lines they had in stock to use for part of the fuel line and also needed some steel pipe to finish installing my new propane system inside the van. Lots of brass fittings to hook up the propane too.

I also stopped by a friends house to use his tap to chase the thread on the Oxygen sensor mount I had to weld into the exhaust pipe, as it was a little tight in the thread after I welded it on. Now it works good, like it should.

Of course, dealing with todays type parts people is a pain when you want something that isn’t just for a particular car that they can look up and most are too young to know much about the older car stuff.

For instance I wanted a fuel filter for an injection system that had a right angle pipe coming out of it. They couldn’t look that up and directed me to the fuel filter section of the store. Nice, abut fifty boxes that you had to open to see what’s inside. I did about ten of them and decided it would be better to just buy a 90 degree elbow to do it, which will make it easier to do next time when the filter needs replaced.

I wasn’t able to find the bicycle cable stuff I needed in the stores I was in, so guess I will use the local bike shop, if we still have one, or back to Santa Rosa?

I did buy a new shovel for the one I broke digging up the fruit trees. It doesn’t look as heavy duty as the one I broke, but you can’t really tell what’s inside of these plastic handle shovels until you use them, which I will.

Prepping for a trip to Boonville to plant some trees and do a little work.

I’m also getting things ready to go to Boonville for a few days to plant some fruit trees and improve the path to the John. Lots of digging. It’s supposed to rain fairly good during this time, but those trees are getting planted no matter what. I’m bringing my good rain gear. Luckily my friend has a cabin with a wood stove, so we’ll do just fine, even if we have to do it in the rain. I’ll be sleeping in my car in my nice warm comforter. Let it rain.

No internet access up there, so I will post when I get back in a few days

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