It Says the River Mouth Will Be Breached on Jan. 2

Tuesday December 31, 2013 Jenner CA.

The sore back thing continues

I haven’t heard back from the VA about the back problem. It might have something to do with the holidays? My back is getting a little better, so I’ll likely mend eventually. Right now, when it hurts real bad, I’m doing a cold pack on it for a half hour and taking three aspirins. I think the cold pack is doing the most for relieving the pain and getting me going.

So, I guess, I’ll just grin and bare it for now and see how it goes as that is what I’ve done in the past for back problems. Just treat them myself. Ouch. :O)

A cold pack and then off to kayak Jenner for the day

I did the cold pack at three AM last night and again at ten AM this morning and I was good enough to go for the day, but sore.

As I approached Jenner this morning, I could see by the water level the mouth was still closed, so I decided to drive down to the highway one overlook and see how it looked.

This is a picture of the closed river mouth. It’s closed just to the left of the harbor seals on the beach.rivermouth


The breaching notice was posted

When I drove back to the visitor center in Jenner, I looked for the white paper on the visitor center and there it was.

It said they will breach the river’s mouth on Jan. 2. That means fish will likely come up the river more on Jan. 3.

I put my boat in the water and headed across the river to Penny island where I spent a little time in the channel on the east end, then headed on up the river toward otter’s log and on up to eagle’s landing were I sat for awhile looking around.

From there, I crossed the river to Paddy’s rock and sat in the little nook there out of the wind.

This is Paddy’s rock were I sat for a bit. There were some bovinasorous in the area, but they didn’t bother me.paddysrock


I was thinking of going up to Willow creek, but I was feeling a bit lazy today, so I headed back down the river instead to the west end of Penny Island. With the water at this level I can paddle into the island about a third of the way, which I did.

This picture is my view as I paddled into Penny island.pennyisland


I paddled all the way to the back and sat and looked out. This is the view I had.jenner


There didn’t seem to be as many birds and critters around today, which seems to be the case when the water level gets this high.

As I started to exit the water on the island, I ran into this old redwood stump which looked like a good place to pull in out of the wind. I was only planning to stay there a few minutes, but I stayed and watched from this spot for over an hour, maybe it was the little nap?

I sat in my boat right up close to this old redwood stump and had a nap.redwoodstump


The wind had picked up a bit by this time, so I decided not to go down to the river’s mouth area today, so headed on back to the take out.

Checking the water level gage at the visitor center, it read just over seven feet.rivergauge


I was going to shop on the way home, but I mentioned how lazy I felt, so I went on home and had another nap.

That’s it for the day.

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