It’s Always Nice When the Wind is Down Paddling Around

Wednesday May 20, 2015 Jenner CA.

Calm day

As I drove down to Jenner today, I could see the biologists already out working their nets, about three miles up the river from Jenner, further than I’d go today.

As I arrived at Jenner, the wind was really down and it looked like it was going to be a real nice day. I put my put in the water and got in and just sat by the ramp for a bit enjoying the calm day. John the Kayak renter guy paddled up as I was sitting there and we shot the bull for a half hour or so.

My view while sitting in my boat by the ramp this morning, looking down the river.jenner


Eventually, I paddled across to Penny Island and headed up river. I watched as this great blue heron landed near me.heron


The wind was staying down as I paddled on up the river along here, taking my time.river2


I paddled on up to Muskrat beach and sat here watching and resting.river3


I could see some cattle across the river from me, so I paddled on over to check them out. Here’s two calves in some flowers that were cautiously watching me approach.calves


Checking for birds along the shoreline

I decided to paddle down past Paddy’s rock to see what birds I could see along the shoreline. This goose was on top of Paddy’s rock and let out the alarm as I approached. The geese like to use the rock for the alarm goose that honks when it sees anything and it honked a lot as I went by. They sure can make a lot of noise.goose


This cormorant was sitting on the other side of Paddy’s rock and was all fluffed up for some reason.cor


I went by this female merganser duck.merganser


And a bit further down the shoreline, I went by these two male merganser ducks.mergansers


I continued back across the river and headed down the Penny Island back channel where I went by these geese. They didn’t honk at me for some reason.geese


A few blackberries

I was thinking of checking out the berries on Penny Island but the tide was low and it was muddy on the upper end, so I landed here on the lower end and went to shore. There were only a few berries ripe so I didn’t stay long and besides the tide was coming in and would float my boat away if I left it too long as I didn’t tie it up.kayak


Mouth opened up further last night

On the way down to the river’s mouth, I noticed the foam had moved further up the river which meant the mouth must of opened up further than it was yesterday.

Sure enough, the tides had opened up the river’s mouth some during the night and it looked like this, pretty wide open and deep too.mouth


Harbor seals

These harbor seals on the left side of the open mouth were watching me as I checked out the mouth.seals


These are the harbor seals that were on the right side of the open mouth, looking out into the Pacific ocean.ocean


I only stayed at the mouth for a short time then headed on in. As I went by John the trash picker upper’s house he came out and joined me with his boat as I worked my way back to the boat ramp. We shot the bull on the way, of course. :O)

I loaded my boat and went on home for the day.

I spent the rest of the day puttering around in my yard and that was pretty much my day.

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