It’s Raining So I Went Shopping Prepping For a Trip

Thursday January 18, 2018 Guerneville CA.


Yes, that’s what it was doing as I got it going today, so what  to do?

The decision was made to go over to  the shopping area and do some shopping, so off I went.

Trying to get the leak fixed

But first I checked on our renters to see about fixing the leaky faucet, but no one was home again, so I continued on to Santa Rosa to Costco. I needed to get some stuff for my upcoming trip up to Port Orford, Oregon in a week or so.

And some hardware

I finished my shopping there and then went over to the hardware store to get some more bolts for my van’s cycle carrier project. I needed five and a half inch long, but they only had five and six inch long, either way those two would cause some problems, either too long or too short, but it’s what they had, so I bought the six inch and some washers so it should work out.

Wagging tails

It was raining lightly  now, so that was enough shopping. I drove on over to Joe’s house to visit some, but he wasn’t home, but his dogs were. They greeted me with wagging tails, which is good as they are pit bulls.

I finally catch her home

I continued on home, but before I went to the house I went over to the renters again and finally found the lady home. She showed me the leaky washing machine faucet that appeared to be a stem washer leaking that was tightened down all the way, so it needs a new one.

But I didn’t fix it

The lady was on her way to work, so nothing I could do yet. I’ll need to come back and take the valves apart to see what size washers I need to repair them. As long as I’m doing one I might as well do the other one as they are both just as old.

Cold room working ok

I drove the short distance to my house and unloaded all  my groceries, then went over to get my brother’s mail and check on his cold room which seems to be working ok. It was icing up his cooler the other day, so needed some attention.

It was still drizzling at my house and almost dark anyway so I didn’t get anything else done. I figured I might as well shop while it’s raining so I can play when it’s not.

That was my day.

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