Jeeping Below Parker, AZ.

Wednesday, Mar. 6, 2013, Parker AZ.

A day of jeeping below Parker, AZ.

Today was the jeep group’s jeep day. I started out riding with Marty. The group met at the Q firehouse at nine in the morning.  A guy named Roy, didn’t have a passenger, so I transferred to his jeep to let Patti have a front seat with Marty.

Airing down.

We headed North on 95 to just below Parker, where we left 95 and headed east on Shea road. As soon as we left the pavement, the group stopped to let those that wanted to, air down.

Below is a picture of the group, stopped for airing the tires down for more traction and a better ride.



Help, I’m stuck and need a tow out says Tom on the radio.

Right away, while going though a wash, Tom got his rig stuck in the gavel and had to have some assist to get out. Note our nice tow lady, Sue, hooking him up to get him unstuck.

Below is a picture of Tom’s jeep stuck in the gravel, ready to be towed out, Denis.



Dave and Joanne needed some assistance next.

Shortly after that, Dave and Joanne stopped on the road. They had heard a clunk, clunk and knew something was wrong. After much looking under the jeep for troubles by most in the group, Tom found that a nut had come off Dave’s sway bar mount. After looking hard for a nut to fit it, they decided to just take it off and all was good.

Dave makes a good supervisor.

Below you can see Dave supervising the fixers of his jeep, Tom and Denis who did a real good job getting him going again.



Great views from up on the ridge top.

Once that small problem was taking care of we continued on up to the ridge top were we got some real nice views of the Lake Havasu area below.

Below is a picture of the group at our first over view area.



One of the views looking down on Lake Havasu area from the top is pictured below.


Time for a break and some lunch too.

After a short stop we continued on and stopped in this draw to have some lunch.

Below is a picture of our lunch area.



More great views.

Once our tanks were full, we continued on up the trail to another over look area.

Below, is a picture of the group at this over view area.



The view below is looking down on the Bill Williams Refuge area where I kayaked a couple weeks ago, from the ridge top.


After spending some time there we mounted up again and headed back to Highway ninety five and home with no other mishaps for the day.

We all had a nice day jeeping.

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