Kathleen’s Honey Do’s

Friday, Mar. 8, 2013, Sun City West, AZ.

Honey Do’s at My Friend Kathleen’s

Yesterday, I traveled east from Quartzsite to Sun City West, which is sorta north from Phoenix. My purpose was to pay Kathleen a visit, as she is one of the people I spent a lot of time with going to elementary school. Have you ever thought of those people and that those are the people you spent the most time with when you were growing up?

Honey Do’s

My trip over was uneventful, and I followed my GPS lady’s advice and drove right to Kathleen’s house. We did some visiting and she pointed out some honey do’s I could help her out with while I was here.

I moved from my van to her guest room, mostly because the people in the neighbor hood might not like me sleeping out there in my van.

After a good night’s sleep I got up and got going. Time to see what the honey do’s were all about.

The easy part, but.

The plug cover and the faulty light switch seemed easy enough, but would you believe she wanted me to take out this big ol stump?

I mean, would you ask your ol class buddy to do such a thing, especially at our age? :O)

Well, Kathleen would and she did.

She had already cut down the big bush and it was it regrowing already. It’s a big stump and it’s growing in desert type rock, so it likely won’t come out easy.

It’s a big stump

Below is a picture of the bush just after I raked the cover rocks away so I can get started digging.


I dug for awhile and exposed some of the roots, where the real work begins.

Below is a picture of the stump and roots after I’ve dug on it for awhile. I’m just getting started, really.


Kathleen works too.

Kathleen was feeling a little guilty, but not too  much, so she picked up some of the bush I had cut off. Below, you can see her at work.


Rained out in the desert.

It was fairly overcast and eventually, I had to stop because it was raining in the desert and didn’t look like it was going to stop for awhile and it made my digging hole real messy, so I had to stop work on that project for now.

Making Bread.

I went back in the house and continued making the bread I’d started earlier that day.

Below is a picture of the dough, ready to rise.


I decided rolls and a loaf of bread would be good, so I finally got it baked.

Good results as you can seen in the picture below.


Back to the stump project tomorrow.

Had a good day.

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