Jenner Evening Paddle

Sunday September 15, 2013, Jenner, CA.

I decided this morning to stay home today and do some more puttering around in the house and the yard. I didn’t get a lot done, but I did get a few things accomplished.

One of the reasons I decided to stay home today was I had plans to go down to Jenner this evening to kayak. I left about five PM and headed on down to Jenner. One nice thing about evening kayaking Jenner is there are lots of parking spaces in the parking lot.

I was in the water just before six PM and was thinking of maybe going on up the river a ways, but for some reason my head was aching just a little so I didn’t do that. Instead, I stayed down in front of the North side of Penny Island for awhile.

This is the view up river from where I was paddling.riverview


The wind had come up a bit while I was out there. I had to paddle a little harder to get down to the River’s mouth area where I was watching the sunset.

This is the view I had looking out the River’s mouth into the Pacific ocean. The ocean was rough too, as I could hear the waves as they pounded on the sandy shoreline.rivermouth


The sun finally went on down. Here’s a picture of my view  just after the sun went on down.sunset


Another sunset picture of birds on the sandy beach on the right side of the river’s mouth.birds


By this time, my head was pounding too, like the ocean waves, so I went on in for the night

Had a nice day.

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