Just Can’t Play Everyday

Tuesday December 3, 2013 Guerneville CA.

Once in awhile, I just have to stop and shop

Every once in awhile I just have to stop and go resupply, that’s just the way it is, if I want to eat.

So, as long as I was going to the city, Santa Rosa to shop, I went by and paid a visit to Marty and Patti who also live over there. Marty is recovering from getting a stint put in and I thought he could use some distraction as he is going stir crazy, just sitting around.

Visited some friends

So that’s what I did first.We had a nice visit. We unsuccessfully tried to solve some computer problems while we were at it.

After that, I went to an auto parts store to get some studs for the new exhaust manifold I ordered for my van and then went to Wally’s to get a shower curtain to use for my closet door. Unfortunately, I got the wrong size curtain rod for the door, so that didn’t work out,…..yet.

I can’t fill up my shopping cart anymore

From there it was just a short ways to Costco. I used to fill up my cart, but now, with my allergic to corn type stuff thing, I’m lucky to find a few things without corn. I had four things in my basket, but that’s still better than nothing. I’m getting a bit tired of beans and rice. :O) I was able to avoid all the non food items, so I didn’t do too bad.

I got home just after dark and immediately found out the curtain rod was the wrong size.

More beans, but I’m going to have some cod

I had a big bowl of beans I had already made up and now I’m ready to fry up some
Alaskan Cod. Yum.

That was my day.

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