It Was Cool Kayaking Jenner

Wednesday December 4, 2013 Jenner CA.

First real freeze of the year for us

It was cold today when I got up, frost on the ground, but the sun was out. I had an email from Ray saying the local paper said they would breach the river’s mouth on the 5th, Thursday.

I headed down to Jenner after putting some warm clothes on.

Yes, they are going to open the river’s mouth tomorrow

First thing I did today was check the visitor center door for the paper stating the river’s mouth would be open soon. Yes, it was there.They are supposed to open it tomorrow, Thursday.

I put my boat in the water and headed up stream at my usual leisurely pace. There was some wind but I was hoping it would die down as the day progressed.

The town of Jenner from my upstream view.jenner


I made it up to Paddy’s rock before turning around and heading back down the south side of the river. I stopped at several places that were out of the wind and in the sun, as it was a bit on the cold side.

Two biologists zipped by me as I was resting in some trees.biologists


You can see they are dressed for the cold. Motors make boats go faster, so it’s colder than in a slow moving kayak. They were headed in and I bet they were glad to get off the water.boat


Yes, part of Penny Island is flooded

I worked my way down to the west end of Penny Island where I thought the water should be high enough now for me to paddle into the island.

The water was high enough to enter, so I did.

This is a view looking onto the flooded part of Penny Island.island


Some kind of little hawk type bird landed on one of the big redwood stumps in front of me as I entered the island. It didn’t stay long and was off.hawk


This is about one third the way into the island. Not much wind in here and it was nice a sunny so I stayed for awhile.island2


My view looking back out from the flooded Penny Island towards the river mouth area.island4


Another view looking back out from the island. Some guys were making a bunch of noise in front of me working on highway one, about in the center of this picture.island3


Here they are, putting up some stop signals as they are supposed to do some bulkhead work were the road is sliding so they are putting up the lights for traffic control. Boy, they made a lot of noise and they will likely make even more when they really get started. So much for my peace.lights


I paddled back out to the west end of Penny island and could see a bunch of seagulls sitting out in the water and flying around too.birds

From there, I headed down to the closed river mouth to check it out.

The river’s mouth is closed with sand as can be seen in the picture below.rivermouth


I hung around the mouth area for a bit, but it was cold so I didn’t stay long. By now the sun was starting to warm things up a bit, but because of the cold, there wasn’t much happening in the water today.

I was off the water around three PM and headed on home for the day. I built a fire in my wood stove and got something to eat and took it easy for the rest of the day.

That about wraps up my day, had a good one.

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