Kayaking and Trans Planting Blueberry Bushes

Sunday, Jan. 6, 2013, Jenner, CA.

It was cool today for kayaking.

The showers cleared out early today, so I decided to go kayaking at Monte Rio.

I mucked out a trail down to the boat ramp.

I drove down there and the ramp was a bit muddy, so I shoveled a path down to the water.

Changed my plans and decided to kayak Jenner instead.

When I was done with that, I decided to go kayak at Jenner instead.

When I got to Jenner the wind was down to nothing, so I just paddled out to the island and took it easy for awhile enjoying the scenery.

Below, you can see how calm it was. The photo is looking up river from Penny Island.



After awhile, I headed down to the rivers mouth. The ocean was real rough, it has been rough for a few weeks now. The mouth of the river has moved north a bit, but is still open wide. Lots of birds and seals beached at the mouth today.

The photo below is looking out the mouth of the river, which is mostly behind that big rock on the right..



I stayed down there for about an hour and then headed back up river on the back side of the island.

This gull came fairly close to my kayak, like maybe he was expecting a hand out.



I got stuck in the gravel in the channel on the backside of the island.

It was low tide and I suspected that I might not be able to go up the backside of the island as it might be too shallow, but I decided to at least give it a try. The water was surging in and out a few inches, so when I got to the shallow part, I thought I could just wait for a surge of water to take me though this low spot. I stuck my boat in the shallows and waited for about a half hour, for the right surge to take me though, but it was too early after the low tide for the water to rise much, so I got stuck there in the gravel for a time, before I decided the water wasn’t going to come up enough for me to get though this for another hour or so. I had to push hard with my paddle as the boat was on the bottom of the river, but I finally got the boat back in deeper water.

Below, you can see the shallow water that was only a few inches deep at low tide.



While I was sitting in the shallows waiting for the water to rise, this deer came out from the island to feed on some grass nearby. This is one of the guys that seems to be living on the island.


Since the tide was out and the water was so low, I had to paddle back down the backside of the island. The wind had come up and the water was churned up quite a bit. The wind was a bit on the cool side, so I cut the day short and was off the water around two thirty PM, when I went home.

Transplanted some blueberry bushes.

My older brother had dug up some of his blue berry plants and left them at my house last week, so I needed to get them planted in my blueberry patch.

Below, are the two plants I just dug holes for in my patch. I also grow potatoes in my blueberry patch, just throw them in the mulch and pull some out once in awhile.



Below you can see the finger potatoes that I got as a bonus while digging the holes for the blue berry plants.


Puttered in the yard a bit too.

As long as I was working in the yard, I moved some down tree stuff to the brush pile and tidied up a few other things, before I got too cold and went in the house and stoked the wood fire.

Made some bread dough too.

I was in  the process of making some bread dough. I start the yeast, in flour, a couple days before I want to make some bread to give it a good start and that needed to be finished off tonight. So, I made the bread dough and was hungry so cut some pieces off and threw them in the deep fryer to make some hole less donuts, which I dipped in sugar and cinnamon, Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I also put some dough in a pan to make some pull a parts, but I have to wait for those to rise, so those will get baked later tonight. I make enough dough for three or four loafs of bread, but I don’t always make bread loafs out of it. Donuts, pull a parts, buns, pizza, or bread, I make all kinds of things out of the dough. I put the left over in the fridge and use it all up in about a week.

Had another great day.

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