Kayaking Around Jenner With the Birds

Wednesday June 18, 2014 Jenner CA.

Just as I was putting my boat in the water this morning, Ray drove in so I waited a bit for him to get his boat in the water and we paddled across the river to Penny Island and then up the south shoreline.

We passed this great blue heron. It was using the ducks to fish off of. If they disturbed a little fish, it would go for it. I often see herons fishing off other critters, such as the otters.birds


The wind was mostly down today as can be seen from our view as we paddled around in this area.riverview


This turkey vulture landed in a tree just over our head and spread it’s wings to get some sun.vulture


And just past that, this osprey had just finished off a fish and flew just as we got under it.osprey


This turkey vulture popped out on the shore just under where the osprey was eating, surprising us.  I  think it was picking up any scraps the osprey dropped from the tree above.vulture2


The osprey flew into this tree and shared the spot with this great blue heron.osprey2


A little walk

Ray and I paddled almost up to the bridge taking our time enjoying the day. On the way back down we stopped at the Swamp rock trail and went for a little walk up the Poison Oak Alley trail that goes up the river along the shoreline.

Here is Ray walking up through the poison oak, nettles and berry bushes in his shorts.ray


We found some thimble berries we munched on. They are sorta like a raspberry.thimbleberry


We walked up to Eagle’s landing then turned around and walked back down the trail. This is eagle’s landing.trail


When we got back to our boats, Ray went on in for the day and I stayed and looked for and ate some black berries.

Here is Ray heading back in for the day from our hiking area.kayaks


The black berries were almost gone but I got a few of them and then headed down towards the river’s mouth to check it out.

On the east end of Penny’s Island, these terns were taking it easy. The terns have been around for a bit now, mostly fishing for small fish in the estuary from what I’ve seen. They dive from high in the air on their prey and seem to be pretty good at catching fish.terns


I continued on down the the river’s mouth area where it was high tide. I sat around for a bit, then headed on in for the day.

The river’s mouth at high tide, wide open.rivermouth

I stayed out until almost six PM today before calling it a day and going on home.

Nice day kayaking with low wind.

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