Kayaking Big River, CA.

I met Marty and Kay at the launch ramp at Big River this morning to kayak Big River. They had done it before and so have I. They said it was one of the nicest rivers they’ve kayaked on, which I though was interesting, because they have kayaked a lot of places.

The launch area

This picture is of the launch area on Big River. We put in here around eleven in the morning and headed up the river. That’s my green kayak in the pic.



This seagull flew in to the launch area with this little crab as I arrived. Only took him a few minutes to make the little guy disappear…




Heading up Big River, just a gentle wind.




This Grebe was diving around near us on the way up.




These logs are part of a train bridge that went up the river on top of these logs.



These logs took the train up high, so boats could get under the bridge.



Marty and Kay, paddling up the river.



Lazy old seals

Some of these up river seals sure are friendly types. Looks like this one is well satisfied and enjoying the sun shine.




Cameraman Marty goes in for the shoot.



Marty knows how to pose, just like the seals.



They are a nice looking pair, they even seem to be smiling.



This is what the pull out area looked like around five thirty when we got back to the cars.



We had a great day. I warned them both that this river would suck you in and make you go further up it then you had planned. We made it almost all the way to the end of where the shallows started, but not quite.


This picture is of the Pacific ocean at the Mendocino head just west of the town of Mendocino, just before sunset. I writing this post from this spot.


It’s now getting dark, so I need to close things down here and either head to the town of Mendocino to post this or go back to Fort Bragg to post this tonight. Not sure what I’ll do yet.

Oh, tomorrow, I’m meeting Marty and Kay  to do the Noyo River again.

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