Noyo River, Fort Brag, CA.

Kayaking the Noyo River

I said my goodbyes and left Boonville around noon and headed out highway 128 west to the Pacific ocean and to Fort Bragg. I got  there around two and checked in at McDonalds to use their Wi-Fi internet access to check my email and post my blog. That went off well and also found out that Marty and Kay would be down to their RV spot later today. I was getting a bit hungry, so I went to a place, I think it was called China Buffet. I ordered their combination beef noodle soup which filled me up just right.

I got to the Noyo River around three thirty, a little earlier then I wanted, but put in anyway. I went up the river.

This is the upper boat launch area, accessed from highway twenty, to south harbor and head up the river at the bottom. There you will find this boat ramp. If you go past this boat launch area, you will enter and RV park. There is also a kayak rental place there.


Kayaking up the Noyo River below.noyo1

Old logging road bridge on the  Noyo river.logbridge


This is the Skunk Train bridge. It crossed the river and goes into a tunnel that goes under the mountain on the left side.



Another shot of the Noyo on the way up the river.



Here is a pic of some Mallard ducks on the way back down the Noyo. For my duck friends.



I went up to the Skunk train bridge and turned around because the water got too shallow to paddle. I got back to the boat launch and still had forty fire minutes or so until it got dark, so I decided to paddle down to the boat harbor to check it out. This big fishing boat was parked on the way down and I came up behind this one. This was the feed end of a big net trap, where the fish would be hulled in to their doom. Yum, yum.  Had some thoughts about what it would be like to go up these shoots. Not a good place to be if you where a fish.



A picture of the Noyo Harbor, Coast Guard boats in the back ground.



Pelicans standing guard?



This is the kayak Rental place at the end of the road, also has RV space.


I got back to my car just as it was getting dark. Put the boat on the car and went to see if I could find my Kayak friends, Marty and Kay. Well, that wasn’t so easy. A lady at the park earlier told me they’d be in space 54, but I couldn’t even find that space in the dark. After much looking around, I found it, but they weren’t there, so I went to the front office, which was closed, but a lady came out eventually told me they were in 60a. Since I  knew the place so well by  now, I found them right away. We chatted for a bit and agree to meet at the Big River in the morning.

I’m now at my camp area, near Mendocino, CA. A nice quiet free place to spend the night, sleeping in my car. I should get this post on the internet tomorrow at the town of Mendocino.

It’s tomorrow now, and I had a good nights sleep. I got up around 8 in the morning and decided to go down to the headlands at the town of Mendocino. Lots of people walking and hiking around this area. Some abalone divers just came up the path with their catch. I plan to spend a couple hours here, then go up the the Mendocino town and check email and post this.

I’m then headed to Big River to yak with Marty and Kay for the day around eleven.

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