Kayaking Jenner Up to Willow Creek and the River’s Mouth is Still Closed

Friday October 4, 2013 Jenner CA.

Kayaking Jenner with Ray and John today

I met Ray at Jenner this morning and his brother John was there, but not with his kayak. Ray talked John into going home to get his kayak and he came back latter and joined us.

Ray and I crossed over to Penny Island and headed slowly up the river, thinking his brother would catch up to us at the Willow Creek Parking lot as we were headed to Willow Creek today. It was a nice day with low wind and fairly warm out too.

Just as we were getting close to the Willow Creek area we were looking for John to join us, but he wasn’t there. Shortly after that, John came up behind us. He had put in at Jenner and caught up with us.

We headed on in to the Willow Creek area where we just sat around in our boats for about an hour or so enjoying the peacefulness in the area.

This is the part of Willow Creek that we can kayak into, where we sat around shooting the bull for quite awhile.willowcreek]


And after that we went back out to the river and headed slowly back to Jenner.

This is Ray and John as we crossed back down the river under the highway one bridge.bridge


We passed these two seals sitting on submerged redwood logs just above Penny Island. These two guys have been hanging out in this area, as I’ve taken pictures of these two fat guys  before. It was their spot and they weren’t going to move, just because we came by.seals


About four Pm we pulled back into the launch ramp at the Jenner Visitor’s center where we took our boats out.

I took a picture of the water level gauge. It’s reading about six point eight feet. Seems to be coming up two to four inches a day.gauge


Ray and John took off and I drove on down to the overlook at the river’s mouth to get a picture.

This is the view from there looking  back up the river.jenner


This is a picture of the river’s mouth area, looking out over the Pacific ocean, with Goat Rock on the left.rivermouth


A little closer picture showing where the river’s mouth was supposed to enter the ocean. The river’s mouth is closed with lots of sand.mouth


And a last picture looking out west to the Pacific ocean  as the sun shines on.pacific


After I got my river’s mouth pictures, I headed on home for the day.

Another nice fall day on the Russian River.

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