Evening Paddle at Jenner with the River’s Mouth Still Closed

Saturday October 5, 2013 Jenner, CA.


I started out the day doing some visiting with friends and was going to go shopping, but the fact that it was a weekend with lots of people out didn’t take me long to cancel the shopping for now.

I decided to hang around the yard for the day just puttering around and then I would go down to Jenner for an evening kayak and watch the sun go down.

Around five PM I headed on down to Jenner and as I approached Jenner it was good to see the wind was down and no fog.

I went on down to the highway one river mouth overlook first and took a couple photos.

This one is looking west out over the Pacific Ocean, with the sun’s reflection in the river water.sun


This picture shows the closed Russian River mouth, with Goat rock off to the left.rivermouth2


And a closer view of the closed Russian River mouth, closed up with sand, looking out over the ocean.rivermouthclosed


I drove back to Jenner and put my boat in the water and slowly headed down to the river’s mouth area, where the sun was sinking fast.

I took quite a few sunset pictures. The ones that follow are what I picked out of a couple hundred pictures.

Some seagulls flying around a big rock out in the ocean, just as the sun was getting ready to hurry down.sundown


That same big rock in the sun, just a bit later, looking over the river.sundown3


And just a bit later, this is what it looked like. Notice the lack of wind on the water.sundown4


One more for a closer look at the big rock as the sun was just starting to disappear for the day.sunset


The sun went on down and this is what it looked like. sundown6


I stayed around this area for another half an hour or so before heading back in for the day. I was off the water around seven thirty PM.

Nice evening paddle at Jenner.

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