Kayaking Jenner With Ray and Joey

Monday August 19, 2013 Jenner, CA.

The spring winds have finally died for the year

I got an email yesterday from Raymond saying he and his son Joey were going down to Jenner to yak today, so I met them down there about eleven AM.

We got the boats in the water and headed on down towards the river’s mouth. There was a slight breeze and no fog for a change.

This is what the left side of the river’s mouth looked like with several different kinds of birds taking it easy on the sand.rivermouthleft


And the right side of the rivers mouth, with some seals resting on the sand. It was high tide when we got there.rivermouth


We sat just inside the mouth area enjoying the scenery and there were quite a few seals in the water around us too. We must have been there for a couple hours as we felt the tide change, which started pulling us out toward the ocean. It can be real sneaky when it changes, if one doesn’t pay attention.sitview


Here’s Ray and his son Joe, just as we started on up the river from the river’s mouth area. Joe’s first time down here kayaking. He lives in the desert area in New Mexico, so this was quite a treat.Rayson


As we were leaving the mouth area, the river went flat for awhile. Here’s Joe as we crossed over to the back channel of Penny Island.



There were quite a few birds on the gravel on the west end of Penny Island.islandbirds


Pelicans and Terns with some seagulls too.islandbirds3


Pelican’s and a seagull on Penny Island.islandbirds5


Joey going by the birds.rayson2


There were also a bunch of turkey vultures on the island. I didn’t see them eating anything, so it must have been some kind of social gathering?vultures


We pulled the boats in on the east end of Penny Island and checked out the milking barn on that end. Here’s were we went to shore, looking down the back channel of Penny Island.boatshore


This gnarly eucalyptus tree is growing there just in front of the old milking barn. It’s been blown by the wind for years.islandtree

After going ashore on the island, Ray and his son headed on home and I continued on up the river to Eagle’s landing for another hour or so, then I also headed on home for the day.

We had a nice calm day on the river.

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