Jenner Hike at Poison Oak Alley

Monday August 20, 2013 Jenner CA.

My plan was for a hike today, but I felt lazy

I was thinking it would be a good day to do a little hike at Jenner today, just for something a little different.

I arrived at Jenner around eleven to kayak, but first I had to find John the kayak rental guy down there and talk to him about getting a couple kayaks for my eighth grade reunion people later this week. Lucky for me, he was down there so I made some arrangements with him for Thursday evening.

I put my boat in the water and headed on up the river to Eagle’s landing where I had planned to do a little hike up the hill, but just felt too lazy to get into it, so I just sat around the area for an hour or so.

But, finally, I got it in gear and landed my boat on the shore at Eagle’s landing, also known as Poison oak alley.

I plan to hike up to that little hump on the ridge top, near the left top of the photo.Hikeview


This is where I went ashore for a little hike. Notice I tied my boat to a tree limb as I want to make sure it’s still there when I come back.boat


The trail up there is real lush, lot’s of ferns and poison oak too.trail


The trail goes under these trees and on up the hill.trail2


I made it to the spot I wanted. Of course, it went from overcast to sunny as I was headed up the hill, so I got a little on the hot side.

This is the view of Jenner from my spot on the hill.jennerview


A little closer. Penny Island, east end and Jenner in the back.jenner


The up river view from my spot, looking at  the highway 1 bridge.riverview


Now, as I said, the sun had come out and I was hot and a bit on the tired side, what I needed was some shade, so I went a little further up the hill until I got back in the trees on the trail.

See that nice grassy spot there on the trail? Yes, that is where I had a nice little break for a half hour or so.breakarea


As long as I was this high on the hill, I went a little further up until I could see the Pacific ocean, looking south.oceanview


After that, I headed back down the trail, though this fern patch, yes there is a trail though there, right up the middle.trail3


As I got back down to the river, the sun went behind some clouds. I got back in the water and headed slowly back to the Jenner boat ramp area and was off the water around five PM.

Sometimes I have to push myself a little to get going, but then I’m always glad I did get it in gear.

Had a nice day.

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