Kayaking Up the River From Jenner and Back

Friday, Apr. 26, 2013, Jenner, CA.

Going up the river 3.9 miles

I arrived at Jenner today around 11:30 AM. Steve was in the parking lot getting his boat off and Raymond was already across the river in his boat. I put my boat in the water and paddled across to where Ray was sitting just on the east end of Penny Island. Soon, Steve caught up with us. Where to toady, I said as I hadn’t made any plans with these guys, just happened to meet them there. OK, up the river to the Great Blue Heron nesting area, sounds good. A light breeze was blowing with the sun trying to break though some high fog. Maybe it would and maybe it wouldn’t?

We paddled up the south shore of the river taking our time, past the highway one bridge and up past Willow creek. I was thinking of going into Willow Creek, maybe on the way back, if we had time.

We passed some geese with little ones on the edge of a cow pasture. The sun was breaking though the clouds some, so it was nice.

You can see these geese below.


We paddled on up to the place of the big redwood logs, where a few seals use this area to sun. There was one there and it let us get fairly close without leaving it’s log. For some reason, the seals here let you get real close, without spooking. There is no place else on the river where they let you do this.

See the big fat one laying on the log as we went by in the picture below.


We continued on, up past Marcum hole, around the turn continuing up the south shoreline.

Below, you can see the view, we are going just about as far as you can see in this picture. This is just below what is called the State boat or walk in camp ground.



We continued up the river to the Great Blue Heron nesting tree and hung around in that area for awhile. Then started working our way back down the river. There’s not too many places to get out of ones boat up here, but we did go ashore in one place to have a look. Steve says, poison oak, I’m leaving and Ray says, Nettles, he had shorts on so we left.

Below is a picture of the view up in that area just as we started back down the river.



We continued paddling on down the river. Below is a view of the river, just above the State boat in, walk in camp area to the left.



By this time, the wind had picked up quite a bit so one had to work just a bit harder to get down the river.

Some Mallards and Merganser ducks on old redwood logs near the seal area is pictured below.



By this time it was fairly windy and we were all pretty beat, so we headed in to the take out.

Below is a picture looking toward the town of Jenner, from just above Penny Island, looking down the river.



We passed the old milk barn on Penny Island, just before crossing over the river to the take out area.



Looking at Google Earth Map tonight, it looks like it was about three point nine miles up to the place we went today, so almost eight miles. We were all bushed, so went on home.

I thought about doing some weed mowing, but that’s as far as it got. :O)

Another nice day on the river.

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