Another Quiet Day at Jenner

Thursday, Apr. 25, 2013, Jenner, CA.

Afternoon Kayak at Jenner

But first, I went to Sebastopol to help my friend Skip fix his lawn mower and get his network printer working, as he got a new modem/router, which caused it all to stop working. The lawn mower wasn’t too hard, just had to figure out how to get the mower belt on. The printer took some running back and forth, but that got done too. Had some lunch with him and his wife Judy, then went home and got my stuff together and drove down to Jenner to Kayak, a little after three PM. A light breeze at Jenner, with mostly sun shine.

I decided to paddle down to the mouth today, instead of going up river first, as I wanted to check it out, before the tide got too low. I put my boat in the water and paddled across the river to Penny Island and headed down to the river’s mouth. Interesting, there weren’t any seals in the water, only a bunch of them up on the beaches near the mouth. Right now, at this time of the year, they seem to only be in the river water during the high tide, that’s when salt water comes into the river though the mouth, which brings a lot of ocean type stuff in too, that the seals can eat, at least that ‘s the way it looks to me.

Kites in the air.

While paddling down toward the river’s mouth, I noticed some kites in the sky over the Goat Rock area.

Below, is a picture of these kites over the goat rock area. Goat rock is the mound on the right of the picture, which is behind the sandy beach.



I paddled down past the river’s mouth to a little cove at the end.

Below is what the river’s mouth looked like today. Wide open.



Lot of seals and birds on the beach at the river’s mouth, as you can see below.



I hung around in the cove area at the mouth for a couple hours, just taking it easy and doing a little napping too. It was slightly breezy, but not chilly like yesterday, so it was mostly on the comfortable side.

Below is the view I had from the little cove looking back up the river toward Penny Island.



After I was well rested up from my stay in the cove, I slowly worked my way back to the Jenner Visitor’s center take out area. On the way, I passed an area that had a lot of these purple/blue flowers, as you can see below.


I pulled the boat out of the water and was home by six thirty PM. I was thinking of mowing some weeds, but a nap won over and then I was hungry so got some dinner together.

Had a nice day.

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