Kayaking with Friends at Jenner, CA.

Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2013, Jenner, CA.

Kayaking with Ray and Steve at Jenner, CA.

I was to meet Steve at Jenner this morning, but when I got there around eleven, Ray was also there with his kayak, so we all took off across the river and headed up the river towards Eagle’s landing.

A seal has a big fish and is eating it.

Just as we got across the river to Penny Island, there was a big splash in the water. It looked like a seal had a big fish and was trying to eat it, or trying to keep other seals from taking it and eating it.

Below, you can see the seal with the big fish.



Here is another photo of the seal with the big fish. He’s gobbling it up.



After the seal, we headed on up the river, past otter’s log. Below you can see Ray and Steve coming up behind me on the south shore of the river.



We made it up to Eagle’s landing and spent some time there, just hanging out. Across the river from us, were these seals resting up, with a bovine in the background. Nice fat looking seals.



We paddled a little ways up the river from there and then turned back down the river toward the mouth. On the back side of the island, this kingfisher gave me a chance for a picture, before flying off.

A kingfisher was fishing along the shore as can be seen below.



This duck took off just below the kingfisher. Not sure what kind it is, but there are quite a few of these guys on the river at this time of year.



We continued on our way down to the rivers mouth. The ocean was real rough, which it has been for the last week or so.

The picture below is looking out the mouth of the river into the pacific Ocean, looking west. Lots of seagulls on the water and beach today.



Below is another picture taken out the mouth of the river into the ocean.



We spent some time near the mouth then, headed back up the river, where Ray left us for home and Steve and I went back over to the west end of Penny Island and hung out for a bit. 

Below is a pic of a seagull that was also hanging out on the island.



The light wind chanced about three pm and was cold from the west, so around three thirty, we headed in to the visitor’s center launch area and took out for the day.

Below is the last photo of the day, looking west toward the ocean from the visitor’s center. A nice clear day.


It was a very nice day at Jenner today, enjoying the first day of the new year.

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