Late Start, Dozer Greasing, Quad Riding and Locked Out

Wednesday December 28, 2016 Guerneville CA.

A late starting day

I had a bad night and was ill and didn’t sleep much. I got it going around noon, but not really as I was tired out.

So I hung around the yard playing with the neighbors cat and napped a little.

Feeling better

Around two, I decided to do something as I was feeling a bit better, so I pushed the Quad out in the sun to warm up a bit and dry off from the condensation last night.

Here’s my quad. Interestingly, it’s one of the first four wheelers they made, before that it was only three wheels and they were killing people.quadrunner

I need to fix that crack in the fender as it’s getting worse. Things lake that happen from people tipping it over in the hills.

One of the first quads

Quad runners came out and weren’t selling very well. But I could see their value and bought the first one out, a smaller one and than they made this one, I bought it right away. Things have come a long way since that which was around 1988 I think, and this bike is still going strong.

Anyway, I decided to go back up the hill where I was yesterday and grease the dozer as it needed it.

I pulled in here behind it and got to work.parked


Greasing the dozer

Most of the grease fittings are on the blade so fairly easy to get to, sometimes a bit muddy. Here’s my grease gun which does most of the work.greese

I also brought up the grease gun to adjust the tracks as they were real loose so I did that too.

The packrat didn’t find it’s acorns

I checked under the seat to see if any wild animals took some of the acorns away from the packrat nest I discovered yesterday,  but they all seemed to be still there.

Throwing stuff off the road

I spent the rest of the day throwing stuff off the road.  Rocks and tree limbs mostly.  You just putt around and stop here and there. I took my time and spent the whole day up there before I realized it was starting to darken up a bit.

Here’s what one of the roads through the forest looks like.roadtrees


And another one. Its’ a fairly good mushroom area in the fall.road


Fling down the hill

As I said, it was starting to get dark, so I headed down the hill at a fairly fast pace, letting the quad have it’s head. :O) I used to ride dirt bikes, so sometimes it’s fun to go let er go.

Spooked a wild pig

Anyway, I spooked a big black wild pig out of the brush near the top and chased it down the road a bit before it left the road. It looked real healthy for a wild pig. They sometimes come into the area when the acorns fall, but most don’t’ hang around here as it’s fairly close to civilization for them. They especially don’t like dogs.

And than I had gate problems

I continued on down and at the gate there is a combination lock and the light was fading but I thought I could manage it, but I was wrong. I lost my reading glasses somewhere up the hill. But there was another way out at the neighbors if he was home. He let me out of his gate with a key and I went on home.

Nice day once I got started.

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