Road Up the Hill and Found a Packrat Nest in the Dozer

Tuesday December 27, 2016

Our weather isn’t so bad

It was about 34 degrees F. this morning when I got it going. I’m not complaining. It’s much colder most other places and so far we only have 32 around five in the morning.

Never the less I took my time getting it going so it would warm up a bit. When I went outside, Kitty came by for a pet and a


Took a ride up the hill

Just after noon, I hopped on the quad runner and headed on up the hill near my house to check on the dozer mostly as we leave it up on the hill as it’s warmer up there and easier on it as far as all the water that can condense on it. It’s warmer up there than down in the valley so there isn’t much condensation up there.

Wild pigs looking for acorns and other stuff

I went up this road and noticed the wild pigs have been rooting along looking for oak acorns on most of the roads.pigroad


Guerneville from the ridge top

I went to the top of the ridge top and took this picture of Guerneville, which is just on the other side of the green field which is a Korbel vineyard.guerneville


This is a picture facing west from that spot which is also towards the ocean and also Jenner which is just over the last mountain you can see in the back.tojenner



From there I drove down to where I last parked the dozer which turned out to be not a good place.dozer


Packrat nest

There was a big pile of sticks and leaves on the operators seat. I removed most of it before I remembered to get a picture of it. The Packrat had piled a big pile of oak nuts under the seat. What you see are only a few of what was left after I got most of it out so I could check the transmission oil. There was a nest in there too made out of redwood tree bark, but I messed it up while removing the sticks.ratnuts


Those are the same kind of acorns the wild pigs are looking for to eat.

I started the dozer up to charge up the battery as it’s just a good idea to run it once in awhile, then moved it to another spot and pulled the seat off so light would get in there. If the rat finds it again, I hope it takes all it’s nuts away as there is a pretty big mess there. Fortunately the rat didn’t do any real damage.

Drove around the roads throwing things off the roads

I drove the quad around checking out this and that throwing things off the roads, such as rocks and tree limbs before heading on down the hill.

I went by one of my brother’s gardens on the way down which is on the other side of the fence.trailer

Since I got a late start, I got home just before dark and that was my day for a good one.

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