Lightning Strikes in the Russian River Valley

Saturday, Dec. 22, 2012, Guerneville, CA. 1:30 AM

We are getting a few hits in the river valley

We don’t get lightning strikes around here very often, but when we do, it’s real interesting how the thunder reverberates though the area.

We’ve only had about six or so strikes so far, quite  a ways away from here, but still impressive, and quite a rumble, for sure.

It makes quite a show.

Here’s what happens to make this quite a show. Now, usually you don’t see the strike because of all the forested mountains around here, but occasionally we do and that makes it even better. But tonight,  I’ve only heard the sound and seen the flashes of light, like the one that just flashed and now is reverberating and those usually kick off a downpour of rain that is just picking up.

What it means to reverberate.

Now, what do I mean by reverberating? That’s the real good part of living in these river valleys. There is a main river valley that goes up and down the river and off of this main valley are a lot of side valleys. So, when the lightning hits and the thunder, thunders, the sound of that travels up and down all the valleys.

As it travels, it splits off and goes up the side valleys as it continues to come my way. I get the big blast first and then all the echoes from the side valleys start to come back in a real rumble as there are a lot of valleys and they keep reverberating up and down as they slowly die out.  In other words, the sounds keep echoing repeatedly as they pass each valley again and again, slowly dying out.

And it’s time for bed.

Now it’s raining cats and dogs, ……………… harder than that and it’s time for me to go to bed, so good night.

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