Lots of Rain So We Brothers Checked Out the Falls

Friday March 10, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Starter motor

I got an email this morning from my brother Barry saying he’d be over with his dirt bike and I should get the starter on my bike.

Right away, I went out to my mail box and retrieved the new starter and got to work installing it on the bike. The hardest part was starting the bolts and nuts in that tight spot where the starter motor was located on the bike. I could only use my finger tips and after dropping the nut a few times I got the nut started and tightened things up.starter1



It rained hard all night so I checked the creek out that flows by our houses. It was up a bit and the highest I’ve seen it this year so far.creek2


Going for a ride

Eventually Barry showed up and my other brother Tom showed up and went with us.ready3


After shooting the bull for a good while we got it going and headed up into the hills. We were going to check out our water fall as with all the rain, it should be ripping.

Our waterfall

Barry was impressed with the amount of water coming down the falls when we got there.fall4


This is the most water we’ve seen come down these falls so far. The water was making a lot of roaring noises. Barry said he wished he had his cell phone for pics which we’d go back and get eventually and come back for some pictures.falls5


The bottom pool of the noisy falls.water6


We admired the falls for a bit, then took off for a ride around the hills.brothers7


Break time

After riding around for awhile we made it to our favorite break spot at the top of the hill.view8


They were talking about finance and investments and taxes. After listening to them talk about all the complexities of it all, I think it would be easier and better to just bury all your loot in the back yard. :O)

Favorite break spot

We spent a good deal  of time here, just enjoying the place and shooting the bull.top9


No rain

The sun was out with some nice clouds flouting around.sky10


We left there and rode around the hills some more then went on home to get Barry’s phone so he could take some pictures of the falls.

Half the water

When we got back to the falls, the water had decreased to about half of what it was a few  hours ago when we were here, but he still got some nice pictures of it.falls11


From there we took off again riding around and ending up at our main spring for to check it out and get a drink of water. Barry did a measurement on the amount of water coming out of it and got about 15 gallons a minute which is about it’s peak.springs12


We rode on home from there and Barry took off for home and I went in for a nap.

Nice day.

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3 Responses to Lots of Rain So We Brothers Checked Out the Falls

  1. dick ruggles says:

    hey bob long time no see dick Ruggles Larry birkofer told me about your page I now live up near mt Shasta so it is fun to see what happening in the old nebor hood LOL some good some bad

    • Bob says:

      Hi Dick,
      The world has sure changed since we were kids around here. And now, we are the older guys. :O)
      Nice to hear from you.

  2. Judith says:


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