Made Bread and Worked on the Van Project Too

Monday, Dec. 24, 2012, Guerneville, CA.

Started out the day making some dough for bread.

The first thing I did today was get the dough going for some buns and bread that I needed for Christmas day. So, right after coffee I started the process in a big metal bowl. I just sorta throw things in it and estimate it all and hope for the best. It usually comes out pretty good, as I’ve been making bread for a very long time now, off and on. I wanted enough dough to make some buns for me tonight and a loaf of bread for my Aunt and some more buns for Christmas day.

After I made the dough and kneaded it for a bit, I put it in the bowl below to rise. Below, it is ready to start to rise. I covered it with some plastic.



I went outside to work on my van while it was rising. After a few hours or so, it had doubled nicely and was ready to form into rolls and a loaf of bread with some left over for tomorrow’s buns. I punched it down and formed the dough and put it aside to rise again for baking.

Below, you can see it has increased in size quite a bit and is just right.



While the dough was rising, I went outside and started working on my van injection project.

Today was, get the computer mounted in the van day.

Today, I wanted to get the computer mounted and get the fuel pump wired and all powered up and a few other little things too.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to mount the computer box. I found a good place for it, behind the drivers sit, but it was a tight spot to work on anything, so I wasn’t happy with what I’d come up with so far to mount it. However, when I looked at it this morning, it all came together and I made the bracket below to mount the computer and also mount a fuse block too. Cut it out and welded it up and put a couple coats of paint on it.

The computer hanging bracket below, all painted up grey.



The computer box fits snugly into the bracket as you can see below.



The fuse block needed mounted too.

I also needed a place to mount the fuse block for this system, so I adapted the new bracket a bit for that. Below you an see how tight it all fits behind the drivers seat. I still have a bit of adjusting to do to make it all fit properly, but it’s going to work.



Below, you can see the computer and fuse block from a little closer angle.



I worked on some of it after dark for awhile as I wanted to see how the computer mount would work out.

Baking dinner buns.

When I came in I sat down in my chair and that was it for awhile, although, I was watching my bread to see when it had risen enough for baking. I planned to cook the buns first, so I had something to eat with my dinner. As you can see, they came out looking good and tasted good too.



Baking a loaf of bread too.

And right after the buns were out, the loaf of bread went in the oven. The loaf of bread came out good too, as you can see below. My aunt should like this loaf. She likes to make toast out of it.



I ate think I ate too many of those buns, I’m a bit on the full side right now, but not really any complaints.

Accomplished what I wanted and more.

I accomplished quite a bit on my van injection project today. I only have a little bit to do before I can test it out by firing it up. I still need to install the, check engine soon, light and put a new bottom hose on the radiator and fill it up and put the back tires back on and a few other miner things.

A good day, everything has gone well.

Merry Christmas

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