I’ll Visit Joe Today, If I Can Get to His Place

Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012, Guerneville, CA.

Rained good this morning

I was up a little slow today, around ten thirty in the morning. No use getting up any earlier as another storm was doing it’s thing, pouring down rain, which was ok with me.

A friend, Bryce came by with some dried fruit for me for Christmas. I gave him a big bag of all the kiwi’s I had off my vines. The kiwi’s where nice and big this year. He’s going to try and dry them, so I might get a few back.

I needed to go shopping.

I wanted to go over to Windsor today to Home Depot to get some stuff for my van injection project. I left here around one PM. Just down the road from here, before I got to Guerneville, I ran into a flooded road sign. The water looked no more than about a foot deep for a couple hundred yards, so, what the hey, I’ve got a Subaru, four wheel drive, go for it. I made it and continued on. The Russian River is up a bit, but not at flood stage yet, although because of the heavy rain, there were some creeks backed up and some road closures here and there.

I planned to visit another friend, Joe, who lives over near the Airport  on Mark West Springs Rd, which is right in the middle of lots of flooded roads, so I didn’t know if I could get to his house or not. I was planning to go over there after I did my shopping. I passed some of the roads to his house on the way to go shopping.  I noticed that most of them had water, I could see flooding them, so access from the south route didn’t look too good.

I made it to Home Depot, traffic wasn’t too bad, the rain had gone and the sun was out. Seems amazing how it can be just storming away in the morning, dark and gloomy and just a short time later, it’s all sunny and nice.

It took me awhile to find what I needed, had to ask for some help finding some of it, but I made do and got stuff to do what I needed.

I was thinking of doing Wal-Mart too, but looking over there at all the cars,……… that can wait. The day was still young, so I decided to see if I could get to Joe’s house, which should be fairly easy from the North, so I headed over to his house and made it without any difficulty.

Joe was there working on a project.

Joe was there, working away on a stainless steel liquor rack is what he said it was. It was real fancy with scowl work and such, real artsy. He was building it for a bar. We talked and shot the bull for a while then I decided to see if I could make it home, using roads to the south.

Could I get home with all the flooded roads?

Joe thought I could make it on one of the roads, Slusher,but I didn’t as I saw it where it comes out, on the way over and it was flooded earlier, but Joe seemed to thing it might of gone down by now, so, what the hey, I checked it out and it was flooded real good.

That was ok, just cruising around looking at the nice country anyway. Turned around and headed for another road., Laughlin Rd.The waster was lapping at the sides of the road in several places, but I got though and headed on home.

The road to my house, by Guerneville, that  had a foot of water on it when I left, was still flooded, but the water had gone down to only a couple inches so no problem. I do have some alternate back woods roads to get home if I have to.

Home again and I got some work done too.

I stoked up the wood stove with wood and went out to work on the van a little. I installed the band clamps on the new air cleaner which worked out well. I also replaced the hose clamps on my new radiator hose as the old ones were rusty and wouldn’t’ tighten well. I kicked back in the chair in my van studying what I had to do and dosed off a bit. When I woke, I knew I was in my van, but was wondering where I was camped. The van has that effect on me. That only lasted a moment and I realized I was still in my yard, which is also a nice camping spot too, as it’s in a redwood forest.

With the river up high and muddy, tomorrow should be a good day to do some more work on the van project. No rain predicted. I could go yakking down at Jenner, but people on shore tend to get a bit nervous for me when I’m out in the high muddy water, so I’ll wait, since I have other things to do.

I also need to get some bread made and baked as I’m supposed to bring rolls for Christmas and I usually make a loaf of bread for one of my Aunts. She’s getting up there in years and enjoys toasting my home made bread.

That’s it for the day, another good one.

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