Making Extension Brackets for the Van’s Cooling System Upgrade

Friday May 1, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Van cooling system work

I got right with it when I got it going today working on the van’s cooling system.

I spent quite a bit of time under the van working away improving things as I went.van


Radiator extension brackets

I made some more improvements on the brackets I made to move the radiator back closer to the engine so there would be more room for air to flow to the radiator.brackets


I’m getting some measurements to drill some holes in the brackets.bracket2



I then spray painted the brackets and let them dry for installing later today once the paint dried out.

New pulley arrived

While I was working I received the new pulley I needed to make all this work as it should. Now that I had the new pulley I could get the measurements I needed and keep moving along on this project.pulley


Installing things

I installed the new pulley.  I also installed the new radiator extension brackets on the left there once the paint dried, the gray thing.extention


Moving the alternator

Once the new belt pulley was installed I now knew where the alternator pulley had to be for the belts to line up so I worked on moving it back a couple inches. That was mostly digging through all my old bolts to find the right size to do the job. Now the belts all line up with the new higher volume water pump I installed.altenator


I got the belts on just as it was getting dark.

Planting some onions

I had some old onions that were going bad so I cut them in quarters and planted them.onions


One more day should get most of this project done with another day or two to tidy things up and make sure it’s all working properly.

The sun was out and I got a lot done working all day like that.

Nice day.

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One Response to Making Extension Brackets for the Van’s Cooling System Upgrade

  1. DAVID EVANS..upriver... says:

    All those new shiny things, the others are gonna get jealous……
    If you keep this up I see a 671 blower and supercharger in your future….
    Poor Marty, trying to keep up with his neighbor…..
    ……..You know…(;+)..?…..
    My razz-berries have just started with new leaves….Same with mountain strawberries…
    I am envious of your tasty berries..
    Say Hi to Phyllis…..I just had a turkey show up in our yard yesterday…
    I’ll send you a pic of B.K. (my kat) and their 1st meeting later..
    Both are still with us……

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