Making Headway On the Strom Downed Trees On the Roads

Monday January 16, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Baby vulture’s hissing video

The video I posted to YouTube the other day on the subject is doing real good and getting lotsa hits. Quite a few more hits than most of my other videos.

And this one, Bald Headed Eagle Eats Duck, has been picking up speed. I put this one up in  2018 and it’s just now starting to get viewed a lot.


I went over to my brother’s chickens to get instructions on how to take care of them as I’ll be taking care of them for a week when my brother goes on a vacation. I think he has about 200 of them as he sells eggs at the Farmer’s markets.chickens2



Before I left that area, I put the battery charger on the dozer’s battery, just to keep it charged up.dozer3


New rat bait

My brother Tom also said he picked up some newer rat bait that cost a lot less than the other stuff we were using. He said this one also has fish in it. I got some from him so I can test it out.bait5


Forest work

I’m still working on getting all the trees that fell down during the recent rain storms, off the forest roads. I got the chain back on the chainsaw and took off for the hills. I meant to bring a tool to use to replace the saw chain when it comes off, but forgot and I needed it too.

This is the spot I left off yesterday, so I started clearing and cutting these trees off the road.treemess6


And then I moved up the road to this spot and started cutting.tree7


Chains off again

I got this much cut out,when the chain came off again and since I forgot the chain tool, I headed on home to get the chain back on.chainoff8


I got the chain back  on and took a break then went back up the hill and cut the rest of this log off the road. And yes, I did bring the chain tools this time.log9


Cousin’s place

From there I headed over to my Cousin’s place where I knew there were some big logs across the road at this spot.biglog10


This one was the largest one and water logged and real heavy.log11


I cut the log into a size I thought I could move, but they were so full of water I could barely move them enough to get them rolling down the hill to get them out of the way.logs12


I made it though and got the trail open. Of course that pretty much beat me, so I took a break for a bit.road13


From there, I rode on down the road and cut a couple small trees off the road, but when I got to this one, I said enough and turned around.trees114


Middle road

Then I went down the middle road and cut a couple small trees off, but when I got to these ones, I turned around and headed for home, too beat to do much else.trees15



This was the view from the hilltops as the sun was going down to the right.sunset16


Nice day.

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