Worked Too Hard, Shopping, and Working On the Van, Spring Stuff

Thursday July 6, 2023 Guerneville CA.


When I got up this morning it felt like a truck had run over me. Maybe a little too much work on the spring yesterday.

I’d planned to go do some shopping today, so once I got it going I drove on over to the shopping centers and did my shopping.

I was able to put the stuff away before a nap took over most of the rest of the day.

Van work

In the evening, I was able to get some work done on the van.

I’d drained the radiator fluid out last night.van


I got the tools out to take out my thermostat as I thought it might be stuck closed and causing the van to overheat.

But when I took it out, it wasn’t stuck closed, but stuck open. It has this built in thing that locks it open when it gets real hot, so that’s not the answer to my over heating problem.engine


I did find the fluid a bit low, but I didn’t think it was enough to cause the over heating, but maybe it was.

That was it for me today. I spent the rest of the evening chair hopping around with my chickens.

Spring stuff

I plan to work on the spring tomorrow and will show how I install the inlet part. I’ve been making video clips on the whole process of digging this spring out and how I hook it up, so eventually, I’ll put up a video of the process.

I do have another video on tapping a spring that is doing quite well on YouTube. It almost has 100, 000 plays.

I’ve been tapping springs for years and slowly have developed these better methods from trial and error and I seem to be the only one that does it this way, which is way better than most of the other methods. Most of the other methods back up the water. My method doesn’t back it up but lets it all drain out. It’s also much simpler to  make and easier to work on if need be. And the cost of it is about thirty bucks, cheap.

Nice day.

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