Marmots and Antelope Camped on Columbet Creek ID.

Sunday June 8, 2014 North Columbet Creek Camp ID.

I just put up about five days of posts, so for you sequence readers, you might want to go to the bottom of this page and hit, Older Posts a couple of times to get you back to the older posts first. Each page posts two posts, the oldest at the bottom, so reading is from the bottom up.

I’m posting this from the town of Jarbidge, thanks to the guy that runs the local store and let  me have access.

Next posts will likely be from Winnemucca after a few days, or so, when I get there, maybe five days? In the mean time I’m headed back out camping, I think at BearPaw Mountain, where I plan to stay for a couple days or so?

I moved my camp down the creek ten miles or so

I positioned the van wrong yesterday and the sun woke me up at six AM, way too early for me. Way too hot with the sun coming in the windows, so I had to get up and reposition the van, then I found out how cold it really was outside. It must have been just over 32 degrees F. last  night?

Broke camp

Eventually, I got it going and broke camp around ten AM. I was off hunting for that trailer and good fish creek I saw many years ago.

I went up this road which was real scenic, but a little rough for me when I got to this point, so I turned around. No trailer went up this road, I was pretty sure about that.roadend


So, I turned around and gave up on that trailer for now. I found another road down the hill back to the main road so took that in low gear, low range for about five miles.

These antelope sped by me as I was going down the hill.antelopes


Crossed the main road

When I got back to the main dirt road, I saw there was another dirt road right across the main road, so I took that, not having anything better to do than exploring.

This road had a lot of sharp rocks on it, so the going was slow and bumpy.

A possible camp spot

I had looked on my maps and this road went through the desert for about five miles then crossed Columbet creek at a spot which I was going to check out to see about camping there tonight.

I went through several Portigee type gates. This one just happens to be were I left Nevada and entered Idaho, that’s why the bright post.



Coyote after an antelope

As I was bouncing down the road watching out for sharp rocks an antelope was heading toward me on my right. Behind it about fifty feet was a coyote chasing it. I barely got my camera going in time and all I caught on this one was this coyote going away chasing the antelope which is out of sight now.coyote


Camp area looks promising

After bouncing around for about five miles this was my view as I approached the Columbet Creek Crossing where I hoped to camp tonight.columbetcreek


Antelope like the spot

Just as I drove into camp and got set up this antelope comes down to the creek to get a drink of water. It stayed for about five minutes and then disappeared.antelope


It turned out this spot was a well liked drinking water spot for antelope and about a dozen or so came down to drink throughout the day.

Hiking down the creek

I made an early dinner and napped until five PM. I was going on a little hike down the creek a mile or so and back.

There was some what of a trail down that way made by the bovinosarous around here, which weren’t present at this time.

My view as I hiked down the creek.creek


I walked through an area where the Kill Deer must have been nesting as I got a lot of this faked injury thing from several birds.killdeer


After a mile or so I decided I didn’t need to walk over the whole desert so turned around and headed back taking a slightly different route, but still along the creek.walk


Something is watching me

When I got to those big rocks in the picture above, I heard a little rock fall. I looked up and saw this critter checking me out. I think it might be a marmot.marrmot


I started looking around up on the rocks and thought I saw this one, but at the time I thought it might be a rock, but took the photo anyway, just in case.marmot3


Screeching Redtail hawk

I continued on heading back to camp. There was this hawk screeching around a lot in this one area. I think it must have had a nest close by. Redtail hawk from the sound of it.redtail


It’s always a good feeling when out on a hike to spy the ol van. This is my camp for the night. I was camped up in the mountains in the background last night.vancamp


Some antelope were weary

Some antelope came right down and in for a drink and others were more weary, like this one, that just looked and then left to find a drink somewhere else.antelope2


It was about seventy degrees F. today with a good breeze, sometimes even windy. That’s it for another day out in the Diamond A Desert.

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