Columbet Creek Meadow Camp NEV.

Saturday June 7, 2014 Columbet creek meadow, Jarbidge NEV.

Started out the day with a little walk

I was camped at the corral at Sunflower Flat, near the reservoir where I  had a nice peaceful night.

This morning I decided it would be a good idea if I went on a little walk around the meadow here.

There’s this pond right below  my camp, looking out over Sunflower Flat. Lots of wild flowers in the meadow too.pond


I walked down this cow trail to another pond in the bare dirt, just above the trees, on the far hill and then up to the right and back, for a nice easy walk.trail


There were lots of wild flowers in full bloom, but I didn’t see any sunflowers, I wonder if the area is misnamed because of all the yellow skunk cabbage that is the same color as a sun flower? There is also some lupine in this picture


This was my view as I walked back to my van, near the corral where I camped last night. All the yellow up on the hillside is wild flowerscamped


Time to move on

I broke camp around ten AM and went on up the road where I ran into three of these things just ready to go, but they were waiting for me to go first. I stopped and told them, no use eating my dust, you guys go first. The first guy took off in a cloud of dust and the others had to wait a bit so they could see and breathe.crew2


Now this is quite a crew. Two adults and three kids and a dog in the back having a nice ride today. :O) A bit dusty for sure.crew


I gave them enough time for the dust to settle before following. The road had just been graded and was powder. They turned off a side road and I continued on.

Cow people working

I passed this cowboy camp along the road and they seemed to be working.cowcamp


A lot of action in the corral as you can see.cowboys


Beaver dams in the creek

On down the road a bit, I pulled over to check out this beaver area. They must have been snoozing as I didn’t see any of them.beaver


Rest stop at the Bruneau river bridge

And I stopped at the Bruneau  river bridge for a short break, before starting up the hill.bridge


A steep hill ahead

At this point, it’s a good idea to engage the four wheel drive, low range, as there is a fairly steep and long climb up the road. It’s not that you need four wheel drive, but the low gears help a lot going up the hill. A normal car or truck can make it. My van is loaded for camping and needs all the help it can get sometimes.

And watch the temperature gage

The other concern is watching the engine doesn’t over heat going up this slow going grade at low speed, not as much air is going by the engine’s cooling system.

I made it ok. After awhile the road leveled off and it’s high desert now.

Cruising down the road

This is one of the roads that lead to Jarbidge, which is under that snow capped mountain.jarbidge


I went by a couple antelope and was able to get a picture of this one.anelope


Turned up Columbet creek road

I turned right at Columbet creek onto a four wheel drive type road. I was headed up to the forested area you can see up on the mountains in the back. Where I  turned, is Diamond A ranch property, but the road leads up to National Forest.roadup


A purpose

I had a purpose. I was looking for an old trailer with a creek running by it that was full of fish, the creek I mean. I had been by this place once a long time ago, and don’t really remember where exactly it was?

I took this road and that road, and went through some beautiful country, but, so far, I haven’t found the trailer area?

Camped in this meadow

Around three PM, I found a nice meadow and made camp in some aspen trees where I had a commanding view of the meadow. Columbet creek flows just in back of the van and down in the bushes on the right. It’s a small creek up here.vancamp


My view of the meadow from my chair

I planned to go for a walk around the perimeter of this meadow to check out where the game trails where and if any were active. I found one real active trail off to the right of the picture that had elk tracks on it and some trails coming over the hill in the center back. A nice spot for sure.meadow


Watching for game

I did my little walk and checked the area out and came back to my van and was sitting in my chair when I saw this antelope coming into the meadow from the hill in the back. It was cautious and didn’t stay long.loper


About an hour before dark, I spied these two elk coming into the meadow the same way as the antelope did. They hadn’t gotten my wind and were grazing over toward my van. I was inside my van as it makes a good blind.

The elk on the right suddenly bolted

Here are the elk, just before the one on the right got my wind. It looked like a mom and her little one. Once they got my wind, they moved on out back up the hill. I watched them as it got too dark to take pictures.elk


I’ve had a good day exploring around the area. Lots of lush stuff with plenty of wild flowers.

Tomorrow, I plan to hunt for that trailer some more and maybe stay another day up in this part somewhere?

I plan to go to Jarbidge soon, where I hope to post these blogs at the gas station?

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