Marty and Dave Visit So We Check Out the Springs

Tuesday July 18, 2023 Guerneville CA.


Marty and Dave came by about noon for a visit.visit1


Going for a ride

We sat around for an hour or so and shot the bull and then I suggested we put a chair in the back of the Toyota for Dave and take a ride up into the forest so they could check out all the springs I’ve been working on.

We climb in the Toyota.toyota2


First spring

We stopped at the first spring so they could sample the water. Good stuff.water3


How do these water tanks work

Then we continued on up the hill past our water tanks to our main spring.tanks4


Nancy wants to know

Nancy K. in comments wanted to know how the water gets up into those tanks. Well, those tanks are at the bottom of the hill and the springs are all up on the hillside, about a thousand feet up the hill with several hundred feed of vertical or so from the tanks to  springs. I  just direct each spring into a three quarter inch black plastic pipe and the water races down the hill. The black plastic pipe goes into the top of one of the tanks from the hill side and doesn’t need any pressure after falling down the hill in the pipe. The tanks are set at the right height to gave us around sixty pounds of pressure at the houses. It all works on gravity and doesn’t use any electricity so it works well even when the power goes out.

My brother Tom used to work building stainless steel wine tanks so we were able to get our water tanks in stainless steel, which would of cost us a small fortune otherwise.

That’s it. Simple.

Indian Spring

We stopped at our  main spring to check out the water there. The Indians used to use this spring to process tan oak acorns every year, so it’s called Indian Spring.water5


Hot Toyota

When we got to that spring the Toyota was boiling over a bit from driving up the hill, so I had to check it out and got some water for it from the spring to try and cool it off so I could check the water level in the radiator. It turned out the overflow tank had rotted away and was only overflowing, so all was good to go.hot6


Ridge top view

We continued on up to the ridge top for the view.view7


Last spring

Then we dropped back down the hill a bit to the last spring I just tapped. This one won’t go in the tanks as we don’t need the water from it.spring8


We continued on down the hill headed back to  my house and found some chairs in the shade and shot the bull a bit more before they headed for home.

I headed for a nap.

Nice day.

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    Love that Toyota.

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