Marty and I Go For a Jeep Ride In the Polmosa area.

Friday March 18, 2022 Polmosa Road Arizona

Jeeping in the Polmosa area

Marty and I had planned to take his jeep out to the Polmosa area and do some four wheeling.

We left his place in Quartzsite just after ten and drove the short distance north on 95 to the Polmosa turn off.

Leaving the good road

And we left the pavement here for an all day jeep ride.offroad1


Airing down

Marty aired down his tires just after he got on the dirt road. Well, really most of the roads were mostly rocky.airdown2


We crossed lots of washes that had steep roads to get out of them.road


Old mine stuff

This was the first old mining area we stopped to check out.mine3


I’m in the mine and Marty is checking it out. It only went in about 20 feet so wasn’t a successful mine.marty4


Rocky roads

We went around and around and up and down as there were roads all over this old mining area.This road goes up with lots of rocks.road5


Some of the roads were rougher than others as we explored around.road6


This is another short tunnel from an old mining exploration.mine7



Some of the roads out of the washes were really steep but Marty’s jeep got up them all.washroad8


We followed this red road up to here and got out to have a look around.reddirt9


We’d traveled up this road to get to the red area in the above picture.road10



And we traveled down some rough washes, not knowing where they’d come out. That’s exploring.wash11



Marty spotted some rocks. He said he wanted some for his yard and selected and loaded a few of them.rocks12


We rode by these rocky places with natural caves in them.caves13


Break time

We stopped here for a good break before continuing on. It was warm so we sat in the shade of the Jeep.break13


Tight dead end

And we followed a winding road up to this mining spot that had a real tight turn around spot at the end of it, here.  We got turned around safely.dedend14


It was after 5 when we got back to Marty’s house.

Nice day.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    A great day of exploring. Wish I’d been along. Some of those roads look worse than what we took.

    This morning I’m watching a Turkey Vulture roost on that snag. Maybe a nest on the ground underneath.

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