Horse Tank Camp in the Kofa and Headed To Quartzsite and a Roadrunner and a Fire

Thursday March 176, 2022 Quartzsite Arizona

Two blogs posted today. This is number 2.

Headed back to Quartzsite

I got up and took it easy until about one today when I started to head back to Quartzsite.

Last night’s camp spot at Horse Tank in the Kofa.camp2


A pair of ravens showed up looking for grub.ravens1


Headed out

Around one I headed out the road that took me back to highway 95 to Quartzsite. No one showed up at Horse Tank while I was there. Ok with me.road3



I headed for the food store and bought some bananas and then headed for Marty and Patti’s place and made camp here.camp5


I did some visiting with them and Marty and I planned a Jeep ride for tomorrow.

Drone lessons

Then Marty and I went outside and I demonstrated how to fly my drone. After a short demo I put the controls in his hands and showed him how to fly it. He did well for the first time although he missed the landing pad, but nothing got broken.

Some neighbors saw us with the drone and came by to shoot the bull for a bit.

Marty and  Patti took off for a card game and dinner with friends so I stayed and  napped and did some internet stuff.

Roadrunner in the garden

While sitting in my van working on my blog I saw this roadrunner.runner6

Jeeping and a dentist

Tomorrow we are going on a jeep ride and I think I need to make an appointment with my dentist in Mexico as one of my rear teeth started to hurt yesterday. I can get a root canal there for about 300 compared to 2000 at home so I’m thinking seriously on that.

Fire at home

I got an email from my brother Barry today saying my neighbor started another fire in the forest by my place. It only burned about an 100 x 100 feet before the fire guys put it out. But………………they broke my electric gate again getting into the fire. I wish they’d learn to use the


Nice day.

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