Marty Catches Fish and We Eat Fish For Dinner

Friday September 24, 2021 Troy Oregon

Lazy day

Woke up here at Grizzly Flat this morning to a fine daycamp


Marty tried his hand at fishing in the Wenaha River by our camp.fishing2


He caught this one trout and that was the only one so far, but it was a start.fish3


There’s lots of wild turkeys running around here most of the time.turkeys


I went into Troy to post the blog and Marty tried the river fishing at Troy with no luck.

I was having a hard time posting the blog because of not so good internet so I said I’d meet Marty back at camp a bit later once I got the blog posted.

All smiles

When I returned to camp here, Marty had a big smile on his face as he finally  had some luck fishing, catching a small trout and two larger fish about twenty inches long that made his day and now I had a trout for dinner too.camp7


He returned the larger fish to the river as it was more fish then we needed.

I cooked my fish in butter and ate it. Very good fresh trout.fusg5


And here’s the one Marty caught and ate.dinner6


Later in the day we moved the camp spot a bit so we could get some morning sun when we got up the next day and Marty got ready to try fishing again.vans7


He fished some more with no luck.fishing9


This is our camp spot for the night.camp10



Right now it’s dark and I’m having a problem of little tiny gnats getting into my van at small cracks and getting all over my bright computer screen so I have to finish this quickly  so I can get the bright lights out or they will soon overrun me.

We are headed to Lewiston Idaho tomorrow to do some visiting.

Nice day.

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One Response to Marty Catches Fish and We Eat Fish For Dinner

  1. Barb in Florida says:

    Hi Bob ~ looks like you are having a good time.
    I bet the fish was delishious. You drove a long way to get them.
    Do crawdads taste like little lobsters?
    Safe travels to Idaho.

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