Visiting Friends in Lewiston, Shopping In Clarkston and Crawfishing in Wildcat Creek

Saturday September 25, 2021 Troy Oregon

Visiting day

We were headed to Lewiston Idaho, today to visit some friends of Marty’s that moved up here about a month ago. It was about an hour and a half drive to get to their place headed down  river along this road.river


And along this road that goes through a lot of farming areas. Winter wheat and hay  mostly.road2


We made it to their new place and did some visiting here in the carport.house3


Goat Girl

Their little girl and the goats got along well.goatgirl4


She likes playing with them.goats5


Nice barn

He has a nice barn up on the hill behind his house where we went up and checked it out.mat6


They were expecting a load of hay while we were there and it showed up and needed loading into the barn.hay7


They had a couple young lads to unload the hay and do the work while we watched.barn8


Load of weeds

Then they loaded up this big pile of weeds that got pulled up shortly after they moved here. They were taking them somewhere to dump them.weeds9


Shopping time

Around 3 we said our goodbyes and headed downtown Lewiston and over to Clarkston across the bridge in Washington to shop at a WallMart for some stuff to eat and some fishing tackle for Marty.

Headed home

We gassed up and headed back towards Troy back up the Grande Ronde River on this road. My windshield is a bit dirty, eh.road10


The plan

Our plan was to drive on up the river to Wildcat Creek and put the crawdad traps in the water and find a camp spot down river a bit.


We made it to Wildcat creek and parked here and set the crawdad traps up and I put them in the water.traps11


This is the pool I set the two traps in for the night.creek12


Marty watched as I did the hard work playing in the creek. :O)marty13


Camp spot

After all the driving we did today we were tired out so I suggested we camp just a little ways down the road in this turn out as we need to check the traps in the morning anyway. This isn’t a main road so there won’t be much traffic tonight if any.camp14


We had some dinner and sat around shooting the bull in the dark until the night chill came in when we retired to our rigs for the night.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Visiting Friends in Lewiston, Shopping In Clarkston and Crawfishing in Wildcat Creek

  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    You two seem to get along well on your trips. That’s always good! :)
    That looks like a nice little farm. Love the Goat Girl. Our neighbour’s niece has
    a pet goat in a shed out behind their house.

  2. Elisa says:

    It was great visiting with you and uncle Marty! Glad you guys got to see the new house.

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