Marty Visits and We Plan and Checking the Water Tanks Water Level

Saturday August 15, 2020 Guerneville CA.


My friend Marty came by in his old van around noon. We sat around shooting the bull for a few hours. Part of that was doing some planning for a trip in about a month to Nevada.

We walked around the yard and sampled the fruits that are getting ripe.

He left with a flat of  my eggs and some red potatoes my brother grew.

Finished picking plums

Once he left I finished picking the plums and put them in the truck bed dryer to dry.plums


And of course I needed a nap as it was a warm day.

Checking the water level

Eventually I hopped on the dirt bike to go up and check the water tank level to see if we are gaining or losing. The pink ribbon was about in the same place it was yesterday so we seem to holding our own with maybe a slight increase.

How’s the pink ribbon work

A commenter wanted to know how the pink ribbon works and  maybe some others might want to know too, so.

The pink ribbon is tied to a weight that a string is tied to that goes up to the top of the tank to a little pulley. From the pulley the string drops through a hole in the top of the tank to a board that floats on the top of the water going up and down with the water level.

So when the water level goes down the floating board goes down and the pink ribbon goes up. When the pink ribbon is at the top of the tank the tank is empty and when the pink ribbon is at the bottom of the tank the tank is full of water. It works pretty well, although I have to ride up to check it but hey, that always means a dirt bike ride is in order so it’s not so bad.

Pink ribbon

The pink ribbon shows the water level is about a foot below half full about the same as yesterday.tanks



I had some plans to plant some potatoes but just never did get to that and spent most of the rest of the day chair hopping and enjoying it.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Marty Visits and We Plan and Checking the Water Tanks Water Level

  1. sgsmith says:

    Thanks for satisfying my curiosity and explaining the pink ribbon on the water tanks.

  2. Nancy K says:

    Wish I had those plums … plum jam!!!

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