Mirrors on the Russian River

Monday, Dec. 10, 2012, Jenner, CA.

I wasn’t going to take any pictures today, but, it was too nice.

I was up around ten this morning. Had a late night doing email posts and had to get my head together, so I was late in getting to sleep, about four in the morning. I was planning to work on my van project again, but, my head wasn’t there to concentrate and do the job right, so I did the next best thing. Get away from the computer and head down to the river to kayak. Since I was at Monte Rio yesterday, for the same purpose, I decided to go down to Jenner. It was real low tide, the water was way out when I got there and there was plenty of mud to negotiate, but luckily I had shoveled mud off the ramp a few days ago. I put in and headed up the river about a half mile. I wasn’t going to take any pictures today, as I was going to talk about something else, but, the mirrored water just made me get the camera out and shoot away.

Below, you can see Jenner, looking down stream. The water was flat, perfect. :O)



Just up stream from Jenner, below.



And up stream from that, below.



It was sure nice, as the water was going out, I drifted down the river on the current toward the mouth, where the river meets the Pacific Ocean. More seals come into this area this time of year. I think there are about a hundred now and I expect about two hundred pretty soon.

See all those seals on the beach to the left, below. The high river water from the last storm pushed all that sand way out in the ocean so now people can walk out there, at least until the ocean pushes it all back into the river.


The sun was getting low in the sky early in the day as it does this time of year. You can see people walking way out on the new sand that was deposited there from the last storm. This sand isn’t usually there, things have to line up just right for this to happen. The ocean can move huge amounts of sand around, during a storm or when the ocean gets rough and the wind comes up.

Below, looking out the mouth of the river into the Pacific Ocean.



I seem to like these shots into the sun, which you can do thanks to digital cameras. Below is a similar shot as the one above.



I sat around as long as I could, doing mostly nothing but thinking about important stuff. :O)

Good excuse, eh.

I headed back to the visitor’s center boat launch ramp around four pm.To my dismay, the tide had gone out more than when I left and I couldn’t find a place to get out without getting real muddy. The water was below the boat ramp and the exposed rocks there prevented me from landing, so I went a ways up to the Café area where there was some gravel and pulled out there. Only thing was it was a long way to pack the boat back to the car, over the gravel and up and over the boulders and a hundred feet to the car. No one around to volunteer to help either, isn’t it the way it is?

Had another great day kayaking Jenner.

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